Comic Corner: Sept. 13-Sept. 20

DC Comics

Action Comics 987Action Comics #987

Since the beginning of the DC Rebirth, Mr. Oz has been peppered throughout “Action Comics,” seemingly having a hand in everything Superman, or Clark Kent, has had to deal with.

In “The Oz Effect Part 1,” Mr. Oz triggers ve terrible events all around at the same time, and Superman isn’t able to stop very much of it.

Mr. Oz uses this chance to reveal himself to Superman and tell him that humans don’t deserve him.

After all this time, Oz’s identity is revealed, and it’s a very unexpected person from Clark’s past. It’s not the least bit disappointing.

Teen Titans #12


Gotham Resistance Pt. 1Batman has been investigating something dark, which has left other heroes to watch over Gotham.

In “Gotham Resistance Pt.1,” Damian Wayne, Robin, is leading the Teen Titans to Challengers Mountain, where he believes his father, Batman, to be.

Robin enters the first ring of Challengers Mountain — Riddler’s Labyrinth — alone and finds himself in a bind, when none other than Green Arrow shows up to lend an arrow, after being asked by Batman to watch over Gotham and the Bat Family (Green Arrow 31).

The two heroes exit the labyrinth, meeting up with the Teen Titans, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc, and Nightwing.


Dark Nights: Metal #2

Metal 2

 In “Dark Nights: Metal,” Batman learns that this thing called Barbatos has already begun “mantling” him, which means he’s been “treated” by four of ve impossibly heavy metals in all of his climactic events during the past several years.

In “Dark Nights: Metal #2,” the Justice League is searching for Batman, who has decided to deal with the metals himself.

The Court of Owls appear and drip the final metal, Batmanium, on Batman, and he becomes a doorway to Dark Multiverse versions of himself that mirror different heroes and villains of the DC Universe.




Batman Red Deatrh 1

 Batman: The Red Death #1

“Batman: The Red Death” tells a story that should never be told, or even exist.

Because of this, the worlds are doomed to die. The Earth -52 Batman is so driven to stop his world from collapsing that he straps the Flash to the hood of the Batmobile and drives into the Speedforce, ripping Flash apart and turning Batman into Batman: The Red Death.

Batman: The Red Death punches Scarecrow in half and brutally kills a lot of Bat- man’s other villains as well.

After reading “Metal #2” and “The Red Death,” I have no doubt that DC is willing to go completely heavy metal in ‘Dark Nights: Metal.”


Gotham Resistance Pt. 2Nightwing #29

“Gotham Resistance Pt. 2” picks up where “Teen Titans #12” left off. Our misfit band of heroes have entered the second ring of Challengers Mountain to encounter a seemingly upgraded Mr. Freeze, now calling himself “Freeze.”

The heroes stumble onto a Metal armory and armor up medieval style to fight and beat Freeze.

While that’s going on, the Teen Titans are teaming up with the Suicide Squad, and “Gotham Resistance Pt. 3” will continue in “Suicide Squad #26.”



DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics

Wonder Woman Conan 1 grey

Wonder Woman/Conan #1


In “Wonder Woman/Conan #1,” Conan goes to a large city where Wonder Woman is being held captive and forced to ght in a colleseum-style arena.

Conan goes to rescue Wonder Woman and asks her if she has been called Yanna, the name of a girl Conan met as a young boy. For some not yet known reason, Won- der Woman has no memory.

“Wonder Woman/Conan #1” is a satis- factory collaboration for anyone looking for a Conan or Wonder Woman comic to dive into.


Mister Miracle #2Mister Miracle 2

In “Mister Miracle #1,” Scott Free, Mister Miracle, a son of the Highfather of New Genesis, is recovering from an escape trick in which he tried to escape death. At the end of the first issue, Orion, son of Darkseid, recruits Scott.

In “Mister Miracle #2,” Big Barda, Scott’s wife, and Scott, are tasked by Orion with killing the woman who raised them, Granny Goodness.

Granny Goodness knocks out Barda and tells Scott there’s so much he needs to know before Barda kills her. “Mister Miracle” is a beautifully drawn comic that typically uses 9 panels per page.


Marvel Comics

Guardians of the Galaxy 10

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #10

In the first nine issues of “All-New Guardians of the Galaxy,” Star-Lord, Gamora, daughter of Thanos, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Racoon and Groot have come together for one last score.

Gamora’s need for the Soul Stone causes the Guardians to double-cross two elders of the universe.

In “All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #9,” Groot, a Flora Colossus, hasn’t been growing because the Gardener has begun breeding a Colossi using a chip of Groot.

This sends the Guardians on a quest for the Infinity Stones.

Spectacular Spider-Man 4

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #4

Spider-Man, or Peter Parker, has teamed up with the Human Torch (Jonny Storm), to help Peter’s maybe-kind-of-not-really sister, Teresa, who is on the run from a rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit.

In “Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #4,” Spidey is still trying to date a comedian and he, Teresa, and the Human Torch go up against Kingpin and the Tinkerer for some of the first great web-slinging action to grace the pages of “The Spectacular Spider-Man.”

Secret Empire Omega 1

Secret Empire: Omega #1

“Secret Empire: Omega #1” follows the aftermath of Marvel’s “Secret Empire” 2017 run when a sentient Cosmic Cube turned Captain America into an Agent of Hydra, who then ruled over America.

It turns out that this was a clone of Cap- tain America. Then the real Cap comes back and imprisons the Hydra Cap.

In “Secret Empire: Omega,” Steve Rog- ers confronts the fraud in his cell to gain some kind of closure and set the Marvel Universe up for “Marvel Legacy #1.”



Venomverse 2Venomverse #2


In “Venomverse #1,” Doctor Strange pulled the Venom, Eddie Brock, out of his world and into the Venomverse. At the end of #1, Spider-Man and his symbiote are consumed by a poison.

In “Venomverse #2,” the consumed Spider-Man tears Venom apart.

Captain America is consumed by a poison, which is when Hawkeye and Enchantress, who are also consumed, make an appearance.

It is revealed that a consumed Dr. Doom is leading these consumed heroes on the basis of what seems to be called the Gospel of the Spawning.


Venomverse 3Venomverse #3


“Venomverse #3” picks up with a sweet sequence of panels of Deadpool turning into the consumed version of himself.

Doctor Strange brings Carnage — a man bonded with a symbiote stronger than any of the Venoms’ — into the Venomverse to assist the Venoms.
Ghost Rider gets consumed (just in time for Carnage to kill him), and consumed versions of Iron Fist and Green Goblin also make appearances.

The consumed versions of these characters look so sick, some of them being all white with black details, some of them being a mixture of white and their traditional colors, and some just retaining their traditional colors.



Compiled by RILEY GOLDEN


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