Fall 2017

Religions not created for one race

by RANDI JINES//Editorial Assistant

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Recently, a friend of mine who is white was told that she was “trying to be Mexican” because she practices Catholicism.

In no way is it offensive to be called Mexican, but the way the remark was said came off as racist and judgmental.

What I do not understand about her remark is how someone who practices a certain religion can’t be anything other than the religion they practice. We live in America, where freedom of religion is allowed. No one religion is meant for one race.

I think it is perfectly fine for a white girl to practice Catholicism just as it is for a Mexican to be Baptist or Methodist. And I do not think they should receive comments that they are trying to be white if they chose to do so.

Personally, I am a Baptist Christian, and if someone of any race decided to become a Christian, we should be accepting instead of criticizing them. Actually, my church back home has a Spanish service so that people who don’t understand English very well can still learn the word of God.

I don’t know what point the girl who made that remark was trying to get across, but what I took from it was that my friend could not be Catholic because she is white. If that’s true, then only people from India and Asia can be Hindus,or Buddhists. Only people from Israel can be Jewish or Christian. And only Romans can be Catholic.

Most religions were not created to discriminate against others. I think people should be able to practice whatever religion they please and should not be criticized for it.

Religious discrimination wasn’t the only thing wrong with her remark. Since when is it offensive to be called Mexican? It’s 2017. Racism should not be an issue still, but we see and hear it every day by comments such as this.

I’m tired of people trying to tear someone down with a racist remark. Anyone should be able to practice what religion they want, especially in America. People should also stop associating religion with race and start to accept people of all different colors and backgrounds into their religions.

Race should not matter in the case of religion. And people should stop making pointless racist comments about other people being a certain religion. What someone practices should not concern anyone but the individual.

If people were forced to practice the religion that is associated with the region they are from, then everyone in America would be practicing the religion that Native Americans practiced.

Freedom of religion does not exist in America so that only White people can be Christian, only Indian and Asians can be Buddhists, and only Mexicans can be Catholic.

I do not see the problem with someone who wants to practice a certain religion, even if the dominant race is different from theirs.

No one should be criticized for what religion they chose to practice. It’s important that we all learn to live together in harmony and not let race, religion, or sexuality be a problem. We should learn to accept someone for who they are as a person and not the color of their skin.

We only have three months left of 2017. It’s time for people to stop making racist remarks.

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