Fall 2017

Word on the Street

How do you feel about girls becoming Boy Scouts?



I don’t see why it would be a problem if they wanted to become Boy Scouts.”IMG_9028

Faith Vang– Commercial Music, Freshman, Dalhart



It’s 2017, just let them be.”IMG_9027

Eddie Gomez – Business Administration, Sophomore, Amherst



I don’t think it matters. If they want to do that, then they should be able to.”

Nathan Neal – General Studies, Sophomore, LubbockIMG_9024




They have Girl Scouts for that. But I guess if they want to become Boy Scouts, they can.”

Josue Cruz –  Radiology Technology, Freshman, ColemanIMG_9030




I’m all for girls being involved in guys’ activities. But I think they should stay in Girl Scouts because they have equal opportunities, but should be allowed to do more.”

Danyelle TillyBusiness Administration, Freshman, ForsanIMG_9023




I don’t see the difference between Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. So I think it’s pointless.”

Eric EscalenteCriminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Freshman, Denver CityIMG_9020


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