Fall 2017

Word on the Street: Holiday traditions

Compiled by Randi Jines and Bekka Ruiz

Antonio“I’m Mexican, so my family makes tamales and stuff for the holidays”

Antonio Ortiz – General Studies, Freshman, Spur


Dolf“My favorite holiday tradition is taking off from work. It’s a good tradtion that we don’t have to go to work on the holidays.”

Dolf Guardiola – Instructor in Sound Technology, Whiteface


Emily“Getting together with family on Christmas eve and opening one present. I think that’s my favorite part, being with my family that night for that one present.”

Emily Hinojosa – Veterinary Medicine, Freshman, Plainview 


isiah“I don’t really have a holiday tradition, but I enjoy going back home to see my family.”

Isiah Maurice – Family Studies, Sophomore, Durhaam, North Carolina


IMG_0537“My family bakes cookies together”

Shane Leary – Heating and Air Conditioning, Freshman, Spur

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