‘Battlefront II’ excites fans with new gameplay, intersting features

In a galaxy far, far away the fate of the universe is determined by the battle of the dark side and the rebellion. Only one can win.

“Star Wars Battlefront II” has finally hit the shelves after the long wait and requests for the game. “Star Wars” fans were thrilled when EA finally announced that there would be a “Battlefront II” due to the high demand of the game.

I was very excited about the game, because being a big “Star Wars” fan, it warmed my heart to see that this day has finally come. The original “Battlefront” was great. It had some hits and misses that “Battlefront II” has successfully made up for.1d5e0aeb-f7fb-4822-966c-70cb36a1ac15

I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks, and I can confidently say that it is worth buying. I do have some problems with the game, but those problems are minor compared to all the additions “Battlefront II” has to offer.

The original “Battlefront” lacked a campaign, which made many fans upset and in disbelief since most of the “Star Wars” games have a campaign. However, “Battlefront II” has included a campaign in which the player goes on a journey through the eyes of Iden Versio, an imperial leader of a special force group called the “Inferno Squad.” This campaign is a great addition to the game, and it also explains what happened to the rebellion and the empire between the end of “Return of the Jedi” and “The Force Awakens.”

Versio is an interesting character, because usually in the “Star Wars” universe there’s a good and bad side of people. There isn’t an in between. Versio, however, shows, that not everyone who is part of the Empire has an evil heart. Her dedication for the Empire has left me astonished, because she goes to great lengths to get what she wants and she is proud to be part of the Empire. However, there is a problem that comes up during the campaign. I will say, without spoiling the campaign for anyone who wishes to try it out, that Versio’s intentions change during the campaign, which is quite disappointing. But, it’s not all bad.

star-wars-battlefront-ii-iden-emotionalThe cut-scenes are great to watch. Cut-scenes during campaigns are usually boring, and players can’t wait for them to be over. “Battlefront II” will change all of that. To me, it feels like I’m watching a mini “Star Wars” movie because the graphics are very detailed and the effects are beyond phenomenal. The storyline is interesting, and players have a chance to play as familiar heroes during the campaign. I’m still a little disappointed in Versio’s character during the campaign, but not enough where I don’t want to stop playing.

The multiplayer mode was something I was excited for, and, for the most part, it didn’t let me down. It is frustrating and confusing at times, but being a big “Star Wars” fan, I still find a new hope for multiplayer.

There are five modes in multiplayer. There is a 20 vs 20 in Galactic Assault, ranging from zone control to bomb planting to a mode that is identical to Walker Assault, but doesn’t really have the structure from the original “Battlefront.” The game modes are fun, but what I found annoying is you can’t pick which game mode you want to play. Whenever you join in Galactic Assault, it cycles you through all three modes, so it’s confusing at times because you don’t know which one you’re going to play.

Picking which trooper you want to play is interesting. There are four, which are Assault, Heavy, Specialist and Officer. Each trooper offers something different. It’s confusing, because you are only as good as your “Star Cards.” “Star Cards” are actually really confusing, which I will explain more about later. The game also spawns you in a group of five and tells players to stick together to earn more Battle Points, but nobody ever really does. I can understand the concept that EA was trying to do, but it just doesn’t work.

Many critics have said that Battle Points are a big issue, because those points determine if you can be a hero or a villain during the gameplay. That means if you’re better at the game, the better chance you will earn those points and become a hero or villain. Usually the better players become the hero or villain, which makes many upset because they argue it’s not fair to an inexperienced player. I honestly don’t see a problem with it. If anything, it should make a player determined to get better so one can earn those points to be a hero or villain.

There is also 12 vs 12 in Strike, a death match-style mode called Blast, a Heroes vs. Villains, and Starfighter Assault. I’ve only played Strike, Blast, and Starfighter Assault a few times, and I wasn’t really interested in those game modes because it wasn’t something I was drawn to. I was mainly interested in Heroes vs. Villains, and I love this mode.

star-wars-battlefrontI loved the mode in the original “Battlefront,” but I think the sequel made the mode so much better. You have to unlock some characters with the credits you earn during gameplay, but it was so worth it for me when I was able to unlock Darth Vader and use his force choke on another hero. That’s another thing. It’s a 4 vs. 4 showdown between heroes and villains. There are no rebellion soldiers or storm troopers. I live for this game mode. I play this mode mostly all the time because it’s so enjoyable. I thought the original mode was great, but I honestly think this one is better. Also, there are new heroes and villains that they didn’t include in “Battlefront.” They added Yoda and Darth Maul, which is a great asset when playing Heroes vs. Villains.

“Star Cards” can be confusing, so let me break it down for you. The “Star Cards” are already preset to a certain character or vehicle. You just have to craft them using crafting parts, which you can earn from loot boxes or achievements. So, long story short, it doesn’t matter how long you play as a certain character to make their class stronger, it’s all about getting the crafting parts. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, because if I want to upgrade my “Star Cards” on a character that I’m trying to make better, I want to play as my strongest character to earn credits so I can earn crafting parts for my weak characters. It’s not a bad concept. It’s just a little confusing.

“Battlefront II” is still being criticized for its loot box system, because many people believe you have to pay to win. It has been criticized so much that EA has taken away the option to use money in the game. Fans are being ridiculous. It’s not paying to win if what you earn in the loot boxes aren’t really good compared to your in-game achievements! I will argue about this with anyone who is against the loot box system. If someone wants to use their money to buy loot boxes, let them. It’s not hurting anyone. If someone uses money to buy loot boxes, it doesn’t mean that person is going to be better than you in the game. If they have better equipment, it doesn’t automatically make them better. You make yourself better by playing the game and practicing. Using money or not, you will both earn the same equipment.

e3-2017-star-wars-battlefront-2s-multiplayer-class-system-is_vpbv“Battlefront II” has a few problems, and it is a little disappointing in some areas. But I don’t regret buying the game. I think, for what it’s worth, it has great potential and it satisfies me. The graphics are the best gaming graphics I have seen in a video game. The hero or villain characters are fun to play, and if you get past the problems in the campaign and galactic assault mode, it’s not a terrible game. As you play on, remember, “May the force be with you.”

I give “Star Wars Battlefront II” 7/10

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