Word on the Street

Compiled by Meghan Arnold and Kendall Rainer

KyleI feel like the revoking of Net Neutrality was motivated by money, more than an actual desire to make the Internet free and open again. With the motives that are being given, it won’t help the Internet in any way. It is going to be a hassle for everyone, and it is just a huge money grab for the people involved.”

Kyle Green- Psychology, Freshman, Lubbock

BrendenI think that it would be really wrong to have pay for things like social media. Because college students have to focus on other necessities, like paying for gas and their college tuition.”

Brenden Vaughn– Psychology, Sophomore, Lubbock

ElliotI like the way the Internet was before, and if it had stayed the same, I would have been happy.”

Elliot Lyford– Spanish, Sophomore, Lubbock

Aaron.JPGI believe that Net Neutrality is important because it allows us to exercise our First Amendment rights to speak freely on the Internet, and we shouldn’t have to pay for that.”

Aaron Winger– Sound Technology, Freshman, Lubbock

Joseph.JPGI think Net Neutrality is really important because the Internet isn’t something that people should have to pay for, other than the signal they have to pay for access it. I think the Internet is meant to be open to anyone who wanted access to it, and I don’t think you should have to pay for that.”

Joseph Raney– Sound Technology, Sophomore, Lubbock


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