Students remember Dr. King during MLK day event

Everyone has a dream. For Dr. Martin Luther King, that dream was equality.

Two South Plains College student organizations arranged a Martin Luther King Day celebration to instill the desire for greatness in students, faculty, and staff.

The Student Government Association and Residence Hall Association jointly planned an interactive event for the community to engage with their peers and unite through culture and equality.

The event was held on Jan.16 in the Sundown Room of the Student Center on the Levelland campus, where Miranda English, director of Student Life, greeted those in attendance with hot chocolate and a facts quiz about the man with a dream, Dr. King. The quiz tested college students on their knowledge of Dr. King. Some of the students were surprised by their lack of knowledge about where he grew up and his past that made him such a strong activist for equality.

The purpose for SGA and RHA putting this celebration together was to expand the college’s multicultural campus events, and to encourage the community to understand and remember the values Dr. King possessed, according to English.

“Everyone can be great, because greatness is determined by service,” English says. “We really want to ensure SPC gives back to the community, and Martin Luther King was big on serving the community and finding out what the need is in the community, and filling it.”

IMG_7569English said that she wants all students to remember the character traits such as courage, strength, perseverance, and leadership. Dr. King sought out justice and equality, which can positively impact a community such as SPC.

“SPC wanted to highlight Martin Luther King, not only on MLK day, but for the entire week, and concluded it would tie into Black History month as well,” said English. “I wanted to engage the students by not only putting together a slideshow, but with interactive activities too.”

Some activities were writing dreams out individually, creating posters with a group, and sharing those with others. The group posters were maps, or blueprints, of what the students who participated think is required to reach their dreams and how they should live their best, most successful lives.

The students at the celebration honored Dr. King by working together to come up with ideas and dreams that they want to accomplish in the future. Providing everyone at the event with equal opportunity to state what their dreams are, and the possible ways they can achieve those dreams, was a perfect example of showing how Dr. King’s legacy can impact so many people. It was a great way to inspire students to reflect on how they want to change the world. A big change Dr. King instilled in the world was to unite as one and work toward something greater, such as equality.

Other events held in January to honor Dr. King and celebrate Black History month were a documentary called “Remembering Martin,” and a film of impactful moments of King’s speeches. Also planned is a Black History Film Festival on Feb.5, Feb.16 and Feb. 23, beginning at 6:30 p.m. each day in the Sundown Room of the Student Center on the Levelland campus.

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