Fall 2018

Word on the street

by Reece Turner and Debra Montandon

linker“My greatest fear would be to drown, because I think it’s the worst possible thing to happen to a person or animal, because you are basically choking on your own blood.”


Austin Linker





Duncan“Disappointing my dad. My sister never went to college, and that’s the main reason why I’m here. So I feel like if I didn’t graduate and do something with my life, I would disappoint my dad, and that’s my greatest fear.”


Meghan Duncan





Jimmy“Losing my parents, in any situation. At this age, I don’t know what I would do without them. Even thinking about it is very hard. They raised me, and without my dad being such a role model, teaching me how to be a man, and my mom teaching me her values, losing them is my greatest fear.”

Jimmy Jimenez





Lily“My biggest fear is losing somebody I love. Because if I lose them, I would deeply grieve. I’m afraid I won’t pick myself up and look forward to things. I don’t like to live in fear and I don’t want to feel disoriented, and feel like there is no hope.”


Lily Xiao





Justin“My greatest fear is falling into a cage full of sharks, aggressive sharks… While I’m bleeding. That would be a hard death, not a quick one.”


Justin Meyers

Real Estate





Miguel“My greatest fear would be being involved in a plane crash. I take a plane back to my country every year, and a lot of the times I’m worried the plane will crash.”


Miguel Galiano



Pamplona, Spain







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