Fall 2018

Word on the street

by Reece Turner and Kaitlyn Hyde


IMG_0348“I like to hang out at the movies, because it’s a lot of fun with my friends. I love watching movies. I recently watched, “A Star is Born”; it’s so good.”

Ashley Alvarez





IMG_0352“The garden in the Science Building because, nobody is there. It’s quiet and it’s outside. Sam gives me vegetables every once and a while.”

Christian Thompson

Education Major


Watertown, N.Y.


IMG_0345“I’m in the library all the time, so this is where I like to hang out. It’s peaceful, quiet, and I get a lot of homework done.”

Alma Mendez

Physical Therapy




IMG_0359“The Student Center. We have epic games of UNO, and my friends are here.”

Anthony Garcia






IMG_0362“I like hanging out at hobby shops, card places. Places that sell board games, table tops. I’m a huge nerd. It’s fun, it’s a great place to make friends, because you don’t have to know a person to sit down and play a game with them.”

Holden Hensley

Art Major







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