‘Night School’ gets good grade for comedic storyline

“Night School” is a comedy that portrays a young adult man who hits rock bottom in order to build his life up once more.

The movie “Night School” was great! However, this comedy is not one to bring your children to.

This hilarious, inappropriate movie was about a man, Teddy Walker, played by Kevin Hart, who was a high school dropout because he was not able to concentrate on school. Several years later, he’s working as a salesman for barbeque grills. In hopes of gaining ownership of the store once the owner retires, Teddy acts as if he is better off than he actually is. Because of this, he never told his girlfriend, Lissa, played by Megalyn Echikunwoke, who is out of his league, about his poor life and how he dropped out of high school.

Not only was Teddy a high school dropout, he was also a liar, hustler, and had several learning disabilities.  While proposing to Lissa inside the store, Teddy accidently blows up his place of employment. Being out of a job and only able to become employed at a fast food restaurant, Christian Chicken, Teddy is forced to go to night school in order to receive his GED so he could potentially get a job at a financial investment firm where his friend, Marvin, played by Ben Schwartz, works.

Teddy also decides not to tell his fiancé about going to night school, since she does not know he is a drop out. Teddy learns that his high school nemesis, Stewart, played by Taran Killam, is the new principal, who would stop at nothing to get Teddy out of there.

While Teddy attends night school, he learns, through a patient and determined teacher, Carrie, played by Tiffany Haddish, about his learning disabilities. He also makes some great friends. Through attending classes, Teddy and his class mates learn more than just what is in the textbook. They learn how to stick up for themselves, be honest, take responsibility, and, most importantly to never give up.

On the last day of class, they all decide to go to the high school prom to celebrate. Stewart realizes that Teddy has not told his fiancé about night school, so he calls her, pretending he wants corporate sponsorship to improve the school. Hurt that Teddy had lied to her, she calls off the engagement.

Heartbroken, teddy decids not to take the GED test. However, thanks to his teacher spanking him, yes, spanking, he went in to school and took the test. Sadly, Teddy did not pass his first GED test, or his second, or his third, or his fourth. But finally he passed and was able to celebrate it with his classmates and walk down the aisle with them to graduate.

Lissa came to the graduation and afterwards Teddy started over, introducing himself fully. Asking Lissa on a date, admitting he wouldn’t be able to pay because he does not have any money. Forgiving him, and deciding to give him a second chance, Lissa accepts.

The storyline does not sound that funny. However, the writers of the story – Kevin Hart, Harry Ratchford, Joey Wells, Matthew Kellard, Nicholas Stoller, and John Hamburg – did a wonderful job of turning this typical, cliché movie into a hilarious, slightly inappropriate, but not over doing it, comedy.

The movie includes plenty of obscenities and adult jokes, making this a perfect movie for a date night away from the kids or for more mature couples. Out of comedy movies, I give it a 10/10.

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