Fall 2019

New officers elected for Student Government Association

By Desiree Lopez

The Student Government Association at South Plains College will have some new faces for the fall semester. 

An election was recently held for the offices of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, public relations coordinator, and historian on Sept. 2 and Sept. 3. 

Elected as president was Cameron Pope, a freshman government major from Slaton, Texas. The role of the president is to preside over all SGA members, set an example regarding behavior, and lead all meetings. 

Elected as vice president was Danisha Lewis, a sophomore sports broadcasting major from Plano, Texas. The vice president works closely with the president and must be ready at any time to take the place of the president when needed. 

Elected as secretary was Cielo Esqueda, a freshman business major from Dimmitt, Texas. The secretary must maintain the records and take notes at every meeting. 

Elected as treasurer was Zachary Nava, a sophomore kinesiology major from Slaton, Texas. The role of the treasurer is to keep up with all finances and the budget. 

Elected as public relations coordinator was Holden Basquez, a freshman marketing major from Levelland, Texas. The public relations coordinator is in charge of advertising all events and meetings and organizes fundraisers for SGA. 

Elected as historian was Myranda Alvarez, a sophomore computer science major from Morton, Texas. The historian is responsible for all materials and for collecting files, photographs, and any other important documents, as well as, compiling a record of the SGA activities. 

An election is held once every school year for vacant positions, according to Miranda English, director of Student Life at SPC. 

There is an executive board meeting for officers once every week. The general assembly takes place twice a month in room 102 of the Student Services Building and is open to all students. 

Officers are required to attend every meeting. In these meetings, service projects, volunteer opportunities, all campus-wide events, and changes needed at SPC are discussed. This year’s focal point is food insecurity, the state of being without access to food for a certain amount of time, and promoting the SPC Food Bank.

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