From left to right: FRONT: Victoria de Souza, Editorial Assistant; Rebekah Harvey, Feature Editor; MaKayla Kniesley, Staff Writer; MIDDLE: Autumn Bippert, Editor-in-Chief; Kaitlyn Hyde, Photo Editor; Austin Carter, Editorial Assistant; Danielle Salazar, Staff Writer; BACK: Kendall Rainer, Associate/Sports Editor; Micheal Mangel, Staff Writer; Reece Turner, Entertainment Editor; Charlie Ehrenfeld, Advisor 

The Plainsman Press is a bi-weekly newspaper published by students in the various journalism programs found at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas. This newspaper serves to inform the community of local events, as well as statewide and national news and issues.

The publication also serves to encourage student and community interest in projects benefiting the college and to editorially examine important issues at the college and in society. The Plainsman Press is utilized as a learning environment for students interested in pursuing a career public relations, print journalism or photojournalism.