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Feed Levelland Bareque event offers free food, provides for community

Feed Levelland Barbecue offers free food and relief for needy The front yard of St. Paul Lutheran Church was filled with people, as a long line extended from the main […]

Nursing instructor recalls past struggles, immigrating to America

Acebedo has encountered many of the difficulties that a typical nursing student faces while also having experienced the hardships of moving to a new country and adapting to the countless changes.

Hollywood should stop making movies out of greed

Movie companies making more money is the only reason why these unoriginal and inadequate remakes are continuing to appear.

Memorial for fallen officers raises question about campus safety

The heart of Texas Tech University was covered in a blanket of blue as people huddled together and waited with lit candles in their hands. Memorial Circle on the campus […]

Lovett inspires fans by describing his fulfilling career in music

Being able to look into the mind of one’s favorite music artist is something that many people wish they had the chance to do. Fans of singer Lyle Lovett had […]

Thursday Night Live returns with exciting changes

Going to watch a live music performance is not feasible for many college students who do not have the time or the money for such luxuries. But for music lovers […]

Flash drives can prevent problems for college students

Laptops, Wi-Fi access, and smart phones are just a few of the technological necessities that most college students believe are important in order to easily keep up with their classes. […]