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‘Battlefront II’ excites fans with new gameplay, intersting features

In a galaxy far, far away the fate of the universe is determined by the battle of the dark side and the rebellion. Only one can win. “Star Wars Battlefront […]

Dorris takes unexpected path to play basketball at SPC

Maddie Dorris never thought her basketball career would land her in West Texas. Having attended a 6A high school in Weatherford for four years, Dorris never thought she would be […]

Enjoyment of NFL gameplay minimized by excessive penalties

There was a time in the NFL when there was more gameplay and less penalties. When I was beginning to watch football at a young age, I remember that the […]

Native History: Navajo tribe continues traditions, culture for future generations

GALLUP, N.M. – Traditions and culture run deep through the veins of the Navajo tribe. The Navajo tribe can be traced back through thousands of years, with traditions and beliefs […]

‘Between Earth and Sky’ film depicts environmental damage to Last Frontier

Jonathan Seaborn, a photojournalism major during his time at SPC, says anyone can help reduce the changing of the climate by making small personal changes.

Passion for biology leads Mendóza to cancer research

Roberto Mendóza, a sophomore from Fort Worth, says his initial major was pre-law when he enrolled at SPC, but found his calling when he took his first biology class.

Video game composer discovers niche through unexpected events

Grant Kirkhope can’t understand how he got so lucky. When he was growing up, Kirkhope never considered being a video game composer. He went to school in the United Kingdom, […]