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Helping students big reward for new Director of Health and Wellness

Story by: TINA GONZALEZ Christopher Straface is looking forward to a change in his new role of Director of Health and Wellness. Straface has been a counselor for six years. […]

Back Talk: Greeting cause debate during holiday season

Seasonal greeting should include all holiday traditions // Different cultures create positive interactions through greetings

Animal agriculture increasing gobal warming

STORY BY: TOVI OYERVIDEZ Animal agriculture is the leading cause of global warming, deforestation, species extinction, water replenishing, and ocean dead zones. The consumption of meat is to blame for […]

Journalism students earn 16 awards in TCCJA competition

Members of the Plainsman Press staff have won 108 awards in the TCCJA competition since 2005.

Art Club creates relaxed environment for students

During the past few months, Art Club has brought students together, given students an escape from life, and an outlet to express themselves.

BackTalk: Cultural appropriation raises questions regarding ethics

Culture misappropriation takes away from original meaning // Appreciation of minority cultures not appropriation