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Back Talk: Greeting cause debate during holiday season

Seasonal greeting should include all holiday traditions // Different cultures create positive interactions through greetings

Animal agriculture increasing gobal warming

STORY BY: TOVI OYERVIDEZ Animal agriculture is the leading cause of global warming, deforestation, species extinction, water replenishing, and ocean dead zones. The consumption of meat is to blame for […]

Trailers, marketing spoiling films for viewers

Trailers and marketing have been spoiling movies for a long time. The first movie I really remember experiencing this with was 2005’s “Hitch,” starring Will Smith. I watched that movie […]

Football coaches being fired for not meeting expections

As football begins to head down the final stretch at all levels, coaching jobs begin to open. Coaches are being let go due to not meeting expectations. With coaches such […]

Enjoyment of NFL gameplay minimized by excessive penalties

There was a time in the NFL when there was more gameplay and less penalties. When I was beginning to watch football at a young age, I remember that the […]

BackTalk: Cultural appropriation raises questions regarding ethics

Culture misappropriation takes away from original meaning // Appreciation of minority cultures not appropriation