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Back Talk: Home schooling raises debate regarding social issues

Home schooling curriculum benefits education, social skills by Adán Rubio Poor social skills and a lack of quality relationships are a few characteristics that many people believe are common with students […]

Word on the Street

How do you feel about Facebook selling your information.

Heady Art deserves recognition, respect in creative community

Our modern world is bursting with countless forms of art. It can come in an almost infinite number of mediums.  There is art that predates our modern society by thousands […]

Cell phone company expands into roadside assistance

Life can be very hectic at times, and having car issues can make it worse. Having roadside assistance can help that, but it can be expressive. I like knowing that […]

Back Talk: Workplace discrimination sparks debate

Businesses should hire workers who match their preferences Workplace equality has become a topic of discussion throughout the years, whether it be about equal pay or equal opportunities. One topic […]

Word on the Street

Anyone can work anywhere. I believe as long as they learn how to do their job correctly, I don’t feel like there should be a problem with what gender they […]

Trying important in living without regret

If it fills your heart and mind with hope for tomorrow, it deserves your attention and ambition. Though you may consider yourself incapable of ever proving worthy of holding it, […]