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Fire Academy offers education, hands-on training.

From teaching the basics of saving lives to putting out fires, the South Plains College Fire Academy provides everything needed to become a certified firefighter. The SPC Fire Academy program […]

Palo Duro Canyon offers fun activies, beautiful sights

Palo Duro Canyon offers a variety of sights, history, geology, and exciting family-friendly activities. The state park is located in the panhandle of Texas around, 20 miles from Canyon, Texas. […]

Colorful mosaics visually represent Hockley County

Speckled around the quiet streets of Levelland are various works of art that collectively come together to paint a visual history of Hockley County and the people who worked to […]

Carlsbad Caverns educates with impressive scenery

ALL PHOTOS BY Autumn Bippert  CARLSBAD, N.M.– The air is humid, and the underground trail is dimly lit. The atmosphere may be gloomy and damp, but it is full of opportunities […]

Native History: Navajo tribe continues traditions, culture for future generations

GALLUP, N.M. – Traditions and culture run deep through the veins of the Navajo tribe. The Navajo tribe can be traced back through thousands of years, with traditions and beliefs […]

Comic Culture: Impact of comics apparent in society

Comics are a form of social history. “They tell us about the time,” according to Robert Weiner, humanities librarian at Texas Tech University. “Comics have always been like any part […]