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Prophets and Outlaws forge new path with soulful southern music

by MALLORY CARVER/Feature Editor New styles of music don’t pop up every day, but Prophets and Outlaws have mixed two styles together and created a catchy new sound. Prophets and […]

Depression symptoms understood through personal experience

by NICOLE TRUGILLO/Editor-in-Chief Depression isn’t an easy topic to discuss. Before you read this, I want people to know that I haven’t been diagnosed with depression. But I have been […]

Regents discuss articulation agreements at March meeting

by CHESANIE BRANTLEY/Editor-in-Chief   Articulation agreements was among the main topics discussed during the March meeting of the South Plains College Board of Regents. Dr. Robin Satterwhite, vice president for academic […]

Lubbock Symphony impressed with dramatic performance

by: DARIELLA HERNANDEZ/Editorial Assistant The lights dimmed, the crowd was silent, anticipating the grand finale. As the orchestra played a tango, the dancers performed intensely, symbolizing the devil’s triumph over […]

NFL overtime rules lack equal opportunity for teams

by: NICOLE TRUGILLO/Editor-in-Chief Losing a regular football game is tolerable. But losing a playoff game is devastating. As many people have seen or have heard, the Green Bay Packers had […]

High School football team punished for illegal use of video recording

by NICK ALVARADO/Editorial Assistant A high school in Corpus Christi is making statewide headlines after being forced to surrender a football game due to a student illegally using a video device […]

Lady Texans building confidence early with strong start

by: NICK ALVARADO/Editorial Assisstant The South Plains College women’s basketball team has made improvements during the early stages of the new season. In the first game of the Lady Texan Classic, […]