Experience London’s Luxury - Tours, Dining and Shopping

Experience London’s Luxury – Tours, Dining and Shopping

So, what is there to do after all the business is done in those London conference venues? Do you blindly stumble down to your hotel room and collapse face down on the bed? Or do you put on your best and take London’s luxury track – that is, the best of the best? Tours, dining and shopping – surely you can muster up the strength to experience the Square Mile. You’ll be glad you did.


A visit to the UK capital would not be complete without a trip to Harrods to experience the world-class service and get started on some great shopping. This first-class shopping experience matches, or even surpasses, New York’s finest. From designer everything to gold bullion trading, Harrods has it all. To think, they started by selling cabbages and tea.

Crowning glory

If you have a couple of hours to kill before you’re due in your London conference venues why not take the VIP Tour and check out the Crown Jewels? There can be no more a luxurious location than Buckingham Palace can there? Full points if you can tell whether the priceless jewels on display are the real thing or fake.

Tea, but not with the Queen

One simply must imbibe in the tradition of afternoon tea when one visits the capital of the UK. If you love tea, or just love the idea of British tea, reserve an afternoon at one of the top hotels in London. Booking is usually essential and you do not want to end up turned away with the delightful smell of scones wafting in the air behind you. Afternoon tea also makes a wonderful romantic date, father-daughter engagement or a mother-daughter stop after spending too much at Harrods.

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The finest cuisine

After a day cooped up in London conference venues, you will certainly be looking forward to a nice meal out. Enjoy world-class cuisine with the city’s top fine dining establishments, where you can sample delightful concoctions from world-renowned Michelin-star winning chefs. Try Chelsea by Gordon Ramsey, Hix by Mark Hix, or the famous L’Atelier. No matter what you are in the mood for – Chinese, Indian, Japanese, English, French, Italian – you are sure to find it. When in doubt, ask your concierge.

For something a bit more casual, drop by one of Britain’s famous gastropubs or even better hit a champagne bar like Champagne + Fromage, where you can enjoy the best bubbly with the best cheese (as the name suggests). After dinner, you can make your way to the West End, armed with front row tickets, of course! Choose from West End musicals, catch some Shakespeare or enjoy a cleverly written play. The London Theatre scene is one of a kind.

With all this excitement going on at your doorstep, spending much of your time in the city in those London conference venues may not seem so appealing; but if you miss out on some of these treats this time, there will always be the next trip to the Square Mile.

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