Grand Canyon Vacation

Grand Canyon Vacation

There are many choices to consider for your Grand Canyon Vacation Packages –

Seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the World is not something most of us get to do everyday and it will provide lifetime family memories. The Grand Canyon is a place that will leave you awestruck by its enormity and natural beauty.

Let’s explore some vacation options…

You can tour the Grand Canyon by Airplane. One of the best flights is in a high winged aircraft with large windows that allow great viewing and photographing this awesome wonder.

Some planes are air-conditioned others have climate control (vents), you want to be sure you get the air-conditioned airplane for the best comfort while you enjoy your flight.

How about seeing the Grand Canyon by Helicopter? This is one of the most thrilling ways to view the seventh wonder of the world.

You can go slower than an airplane, hover in place and even land on the canyon floor experiencing the Grand Canyon like few people have. You’ll truly be awestruck as you look up from the floor of the Grand Canyon.

The best helicopter tours use Executive Class helicopters and have all seats facing forward with 180 degrees of view and air-conditioned cabins.

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You can tour the Grand Canyon on a “Luxury Touring Coach”. Notice I didn’t say “bus”, yes there are bus tours out there but if you’re going to see the seventh wonder of the world you need to ride on a full size Deluxe Motor Coach, not a mini bus or shuttle van.

Traveling by Luxury Touring Coach that has large custom windows, air-conditioning, comfortable reclining seats with removable arm rests (for more room), video monitors for movies, individual foot rests and ample leg room is the way to tour the Grand Canyon.

Have you ever thought about a Grand Canyon Vacation Package that involves riding on a train? The Grand Canyon Railway and Resort is located in Williams, Arizona and offers a historic 65 mile train ride to the Grand Canyon aboard a 1923 Pullman car for a first class tour.

The Grand Canyon Railway and Resort located in historic Williams, Arizona, a small frontier town in the mountains of Northern Arizona. With accommodations, food options, old west entertainment and transportation to make your Grand Canyon vacation one to remember.

Rafting the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River is rated as the top adventure tour in America. A white water adventure through the Grand Canyon will give you the thrill of a lifetime. You will see the Grand Canyon like few others have.

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You can get one day raft trips or longer depending on your desires. Most rafting trips will involve an airplane and/or a helicopter to get you to the canyon and then down to the river. White water adventures don’t get any better than the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

How Can I Book My Grand Canyon Vacation Package?

There are a lot of companies that offer Grand Canyon Vacation Packages, but it’s hard to determine if you’ll get your money’s worth or not. We look for companies that have been in business for sometime and have a proven track record. If a company has been offering tours of the Grand Canyon for more than 20 years then we know they offer services that customers (like you and me) are willing to continue to pay for.

One company, The Grand Canyon Touring Company of Las Vegas, has been in the business of providing Grand Canyon vacation packages since 1982. For over 23 years they have been arranging Grand Canyon tours and they are the best at providing a smooth, reasonable and memorable experience while touring the Grand Canyon.

They offer touring the Grand Canyon by Airplane, Helicopter, Luxury Motor Coach, Train and awesome rafting packages. Their rates are very reasonable and have a very high customer satisfaction rating.

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You can trust them to deliver you the best Grand Canyon Vacation Package. To visit their website click here, Grand Canyon Tour Company, and book your Grand Canyon adventure of a lifetime today!