‘Master Race’ delivers classic Dark Knight tale

Bruce Wayne is old and battered. Superman has frozen himself in his Fortress of Solitude. Having been beaten nearly to death, in “Batman: The Dark Knight – Master Race,” the […]

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Back Talk: Greeting cause debate during holiday season

Seasonal greeting should include all holiday traditions // Different cultures create positive interactions through greetings

Animal agriculture increasing gobal warming

STORY BY: TOVI OYERVIDEZ Animal agriculture is the leading cause of global warming, deforestation, species extinction, water replenishing, and ocean dead zones. The consumption of meat is to blame for […]

Trailers, marketing spoiling films for viewers

Trailers and marketing have been spoiling movies for a long time. The first movie I really remember experiencing this with was 2005’s “Hitch,” starring Will Smith. I watched that movie […]

Dominant Lady Texans prepare for strong conference play

After dominating the beginning of the season, the South Plains College women’s basketball team is entering competitive conference play. With a team consisting of mainly freshmen, the No. 16 Lady […]