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Border wall raises debate concerning benefits, disadvantages

Border wall could add to economic issues by Adán Rubio Border wall unnecessary, detrimental to nation There are many reasons why some people want a wall built on the border between […]

Back Talk: Net neutrally generates debate

Internet should stay free by Randi Jines The Federal Communications Commission has been trying to do away with net neutrality and begin charging people to use the Internet. Net neutrality […]

Back Talk: Greeting cause debate during holiday season

Seasonal greeting should include all holiday traditions // Different cultures create positive interactions through greetings

BackTalk: Cultural appropriation raises questions regarding ethics

Culture misappropriation takes away from original meaning // Appreciation of minority cultures not appropriation

BackTalk: NFL players kneeling creates noise

Silent protests from NFL players prove nothing // Kneeling football players have right to stand against injustice

BackTalk: Confederate symbolism causes debate

Removing ties to Confederacy creates progress / Confederate statues essential to history