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Back Talk: Greeting cause debate during holiday season

Seasonal greeting should include all holiday traditions // Different cultures create positive interactions through greetings

BackTalk: Cultural appropriation raises questions regarding ethics

Culture misappropriation takes away from original meaning // Appreciation of minority cultures not appropriation

BackTalk: NFL players kneeling creates noise

Silent protests from NFL players prove nothing // Kneeling football players have right to stand against injustice

BackTalk: Confederate symbolism causes debate

Removing ties to Confederacy creates progress / Confederate statues essential to history

BackTalk: Airstrike in Syria fires up debate

United States bombing pales in comparison to Syrian civil war by TYLER YORK//Online Editor The atrocities committed in Syria should come to an end. But random bombings ordered by the United […]

BackTalk: Controversy develops around proposed wall

Build relationships, not borders by BRITTNY STEGALL//Opinion Editor With President Donald Trump wanting to build a wall, it is making the United States look like cowards. A proposed wall between the […]