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‘A Bad Mom’s Christmas’ puts funny twist on traditional holiday movie

Get the gift of laughter with the new movie, “A Bad Moms Christmas.” Even the best mom has a bad side to her. But naughty moms can enjoy Christmas, just […]

Dark side of social media highlighted by ‘Tragedy Girls’

“Tragedy Girls” is a horror / comedy movie starring two teenage girls, McKayla Hooper (played by Alexandria Shipp) and Sadie Cunningham (played by Brianna Hildebrand). These two girls have a […]

Life of young girl goes south in ‘Ingrid goes West’

“Ingrid Goes West” is an indie comedy-drama movie that narrates the story of a young girl following the death of her mother.

Friendships, lives get ‘Super Dark’ in original movie

“Super Dark Times” takes a sharp turn from childhood innocence to complete mental and emotional chaos.

‘Flatliners’ lacks structure, necessary horror elements

A near-death experience is something no one wants to encounter. But the intrigue of witnessing the after-life is something that could make the experience worthwhile.

Successful readaptation of ‘It’ no laughing matter

Summer has taken a horrible turn for seven kids who find out not all clowns are friendly.