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‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ turns the tables in spectacular extravaganza

Everyone is ready to take over The First Order, and they will do anything to accomplish that mission. “The Last Jedi” ventures into a strong, captivating film by building on […]

‘A Bad Mom’s Christmas’ puts funny twist on traditional holiday movie

Get the gift of laughter with the new movie, “A Bad Moms Christmas.” Even the best mom has a bad side to her. But naughty moms can enjoy Christmas, just […]

Dark side of social media highlighted by ‘Tragedy Girls’

“Tragedy Girls” is a horror / comedy movie starring two teenage girls, McKayla Hooper (played by Alexandria Shipp) and Sadie Cunningham (played by Brianna Hildebrand). These two girls have a […]

Trailers, marketing spoiling films for viewers

Trailers and marketing have been spoiling movies for a long time. The first movie I really remember experiencing this with was 2005’s “Hitch,” starring Will Smith. I watched that movie […]

Hollywood should stop making movies out of greed

Movie companies making more money is the only reason why these unoriginal and inadequate remakes are continuing to appear.

Life of young girl goes south in ‘Ingrid goes West’

“Ingrid Goes West” is an indie comedy-drama movie that narrates the story of a young girl following the death of her mother.