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Back Talk: Recent mass shooting sparks gun control debate

Gun laws necessary for safety, prevention of shootings by Autumn Bippert In 2010, 67 percent of all homicides in the United States were committed with a firearm. The United States sees […]

Risks of online dating puts teens n dangerous circumstances

Teenagers go online to meet new people, but they can be blind to the problems and dangers it brings. Many teenagers around the world participate in online dating. They download […]

Animosity toward illegal aliens creates tension between citizins

In the western world, there is an immigration problem. In the United States, there are more than 10 million undocumented illegal aliens. On average, 700,000 a year come to the […]

Happiness misleads, distorts view on life

Though we dedicate ourselves to its pursuit, allowing it to define our relationships, self-image, and future plans, it doesn’t care for our well-being. It mocks us, forever slipping through our […]

Word on the Street

What do you think about building a border wall?

Doing activities by yourself could benefit mental health

Usually, if you aren’t used to doing things by yourself, it can seem kind of scary and weird to think about going to the movies or eating alone. However, it […]

Back Talk: Net neutrally generates debate

Internet should stay free by Randi Jines The Federal Communications Commission has been trying to do away with net neutrality and begin charging people to use the Internet. Net neutrality […]