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Frightful Fun: Nightmare case haunts West Texas with scary attractions

In the calm of the night, you can hear the screams of the people who dared to enter Nightmare on 19th Street.

Haunted Hub: Ghostly encounters become popular folklore in Lubbock

The city of Lubbock is home to several locations that are known to be “haunted,” according to local lore.

Hidden History: Local historian sheds insight on Hockley County settlement

Hockley County has been the site of many historic events that have left a mark on its thriving culture.

Buried Treasures: Cadillac Ranch brings roadside culture to historic Route 66

Just off a Texas highway, a pile of luxury cars sits nose-first in the dirt, stripped to the chassis, covered in graffiti, and baking in the sun.

Fine as Wine…Local vineyards thrive in West Texas climate, soil

by SARA MARSHALL//Editor-in-chief As high quality, artisan alcohols become more popular in the United States, local growers are taking advantage of the booming market in West Texas. Beating out international wines […]

Securing our borders…Future border patrol agents endure rigorous academy training

by SARA MARSHALL//Editor-in-chief In an uncertain world, brave men and women train every day to protect America’s borders from potential threats. Jaron Sidwell, a 23 year old U. S. Border Patrol […]

Southwest Showcase…National Ranching Heritage Center breathes new life into Old West

by STACY JOHNSON//Editorial Assistant A tumbleweed blows across the sun-drenched hills past the legendary Four Sixes Ranch barn. Scenes reminiscent of the Old West transport visitors back in time. Located […]