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Art Club creates relaxed environment for students

During the past few months, Art Club has brought students together, given students an escape from life, and an outlet to express themselves.

Growing up in a small town teaches life lessons

I am thankful I grew up in a small town because I learned a lot of life lessons from the negative and positive experiences.

Going home every weekend interferes with college adjustments

With the fall semester beginning comes new college freshmen, all of them new to school and trying to figure out everything that comes with being in college.

New director of student life strives for diversity, community involvement

The Student Life Center has a new director who plans to bridge the gap between community and community college.

Medical drug abuse becoming wide spread in college

by VANESSA DELGADO//Staff Writer In this day and age, medications are being over used and abused. Being a college student is stressful, and apparently many students are taking that same complaint […]

College students underrated in eyes of society

by ALEX PEREZ//Feature Editor Welcome to the real world, where you have to juggle school, work and a social life as a college student, all while trying to not drown in […]

College requirements for students cause frustration

by SHELBY MORGAN//Staff Writer The general education requirements that college students have to complete are ridiculous. Most of the courses that are required have already been taken in high school and […]