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Anitta impresses with trilingual album

Looking to build a successful career internationally, Anitta is bringing a new trilingual album to the world.

Larissa de Macedo Machado, better known as Anitta, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and businesswoman. After building a strong, big national career in Brazil, Anitta started promoting herself internationally in 2017. Now she is having more success in Latin America and parts of the United States as she brings an album full of diversity in rhythm and languages.

rs_300x300-160805202343-600.Caetano-Veloso-Anitta-Gilberto-Gil-olympic-rio.tt.080516“Kisses” is the newest album Anitta brings to her fans. It features all the different versions of Anitta and her different personalities. The album, released on April 5, contains 10 songs followed by 10 videos. It is a shocking marketing move by the singer. The switching of languages between Portuguese, Spanish and English during the songs definitely calls a lot of attention and teaches a couple words to those listening.

“Atención” (Attention) is the first song on the album that is in Spanish. This music brings a version of Anitta as a strong, independent woman with a lot of attitude who is not afraid to do what she wants and believes in the empowerment of women

“Banana,” the second track of the album, is a more funny and dancing song in English and Spanish, featuring Becky G. With a really playful beat, the music makes you stand up and move.

To represent her Brazilian funk roots, Anitta brings the song “Onde Different” (Differente Wave), with participation from Snoop Dogg, Ludmilla and Papatinho. The funk beat mixed with American Rap turns into a very fast dancing song with such great party vibes.


The same can be found in the song “Sin Miedo” (No fear), which features Dj Luian and Mambo. It shows a more impulsive version of Anitta, someone who is not afraid of the consequences her actions can bring.

The tracks “Poquito” (Little Bit), “Tu y Yo” (You and I), and “Rosa” (Rose) are more romantic songs. They are slow dance songs that bring a young idea of love. The Anittas in those songs are more mysterious, a woman who knows how to use her ingenuity as her invisible weapon in the seduction game.

The last song on the album is definitely one of the most interesting on the album. “Você Mentiu” (You Lied) is the representation of the MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), with the incredible voice of Caetano Veloso. The slow song talks about the disappointment of Anitta with inhuman attitudes and her hopes of living in a better world. It is definitely a very sweet melody, which makes the song an amazing way to close such a diverse album with a lot of information.

As someone who has followed Anitta’s career since the beginning, I believe this new album brings her closer to her fans, and she nails it on that.

The album leads you through happy and dancing songs to explore the seduction and corporal beauty presented in each person. It also brings more human and sentimental music that will make you remember an old story or an old love.

I give “Kisses” a 9 out of 10.

New ‘Dumbo’ movie revives Disney classic

“The amazing Dumbo” are words that echo as the circus conductor introduces the newest act, a baby elephant standing on top of a ladder high above the crowd shaking nervously while looking down.

The crowd will soon discover how talented Dumbo really is.

6864-11704-Dumbo“Dumbo,” a film by Tim Burton, was released on March 29. The live action film, based on the original 1941 “Dumbo” animated movie, opens with the same classic circus train song as the original, which was a lovely touch to introduce the opening scene. As the music is playing while the train whistle is blowing, the audience is reeled into the setting of the movie.

The spin on the film is interesting, as it focuses on the circus business and the hardships that can come with it. The movie introduces a family who is in charge of the elephant pen. The family has been through losses and depends on the circus as a way of living.

The film has an amazing list of actors, such as Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton and Eva Green. Danny DeVito plays the circus conductor, Medici, who manages the circus. He buys an elephant that is pregnant and will deliver him just in time to attract people for his circus. He is depending on it.

The family working with the elephant falls in love with the baby elephant that is born with an interesting feature. The circus conductor stresses how important he needs the baby elephant to be perfect and be out on display as an attraction.

This film brings together a family who has suffered through hardships and are brought together by the amazing Dumbo, who was stripped away from his mother to perform with a special talent that will be discovered.

Dumbo’s innocent character and personality are captured throughout this movie.

He doesn’t speak, but his actions speak for him. He opens up to the children who are partDumbo.jpg of the family working with the elephants. Dumbo earns his keep at the circus when the kids discover exactly how unique the elephant really is.

The family is put in an extremely stressful situation when Dumbo’s act for the circus will determine if the business will survive. The combination of characters and what they believe in is expressed in this film. The ideas expressed in this movie are very heartfelt and relatable.

There are also new and exciting scenes in this live action film that bring importance to topics relevant for this time. The characters bring out the family ideas in this movie, and it shows because this film focuses on embracing your differences and owning who you really are. No matter how different someone might look, people are brought together in this film. It shows all kinds of people being kind and supportive to one another.

“Dumbo” is a great movie to watch with your family, as it is a movie for all ages. I went to see “Dumbo” with my family. I enjoyed the live action remake of the original Disney movie.

This film had emotional scenes and eye-catching special effects. I rate this movie an 8 out of 10. This movie was really interesting to watch, and the story line was great.

Doppelgängers torment unsuspecting family in ‘Us’

There are a number of different ways to interpret the new horror movie, “Us.” Every image seems to be a clue for what is about to happen.

At the start of the movie, titles inform the audience that there are thousands of miles of tunnels under the United States, stating that many “have no known purpose at all.”

Screen-Shot-2018-12-26-at-9.30.05-AM-1024x542After the opening titles, “Us” begins with a flash to 1986 with young Adelaide Wilson, played by Madison Curry, and her parents wandering through the Santa Cruz boardwalk at night. She separates from them to walk out on the empty beach, watching thunderclouds roll in. She finds an attraction just off the main pier, and walks into what looks like an abandoned hall of mirrors. While lost in the hall of mirrors, she discovers something terrifying, her doppelgänger.

The movie then shifts to present day, as the Wilson family is heading toward their vacation home. The little girl has now grown up to be a woman. Adelaide, now played by Lupita Nyong’, is nervous about returning to that spot on the Santa Cruz beach.

Her husband, Gabe, played by Winston Duke, thinks she’s overreacting about not wanting to go to the Santa Cruz beach again. He tries to convince her that it’s safe, so they can take their kids, Zora, played by Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Jason, played by Evan Alex, to the beach and meet up with old friends.

While on the beach, Jason runs off and Adelaide freaks out, worried that maybe his downloaddoppelgänger had taken him. Once the family returns home for a quiet night, they are faced with trespassers in their driveway in the darkness, who turn out to be their doppelgänger family.

“Us,” written and directed by Jordan Peele, is filled with hidden messages and foreshadowing of what is going to happen to the Wilson family. These images and messages leave a lot for the audience to try to decipher and interpret. In the movie, the Jeremiah 11:11 Bible verse appears twice before pivotal moments. The verse says, “Therefore this is what the Lord says: ‘I will bring on them a disaster they cannot escape. Although they cry out to me, I will not listen to them,’” which alludes to the catastrophe that is to come.

I was slightly disappointed because I expected “Us” to be scarier, rather than a psychological thriller. I was more nervous through the movie than I was scared, with a heart-racing, and adrenaline-pumping feeling.

Peele, who also wrote and directed the critically acclaimed “Get Out,” not only knows how to tell his story, he assembled an incredible cast to play two roles. The Wilsons are a picture of an all-American family, a family of four that looks to be middle class, with college-educated parents. Their doppelgängers may look like them and be tied to them in some way, but their lives are inverses of each other. Their existence has been one of limits and misery. For the actors, it’s a chance to play two extremes, one of intense normality and the other of wretched evil.

Not only was it casted extremely well, visually, the movie was great. “It Follows” cinematographer Mike Gioulakis creates unsettling images in mundane spaces, like how a strange family standing in a driveway isn’t necessarily scary, except when it’s eerily dark outside, and they’re backlit so that their faces go unseen.

A suspenseful story, marvelous cast and a great crew make the movie enjoyable and thought provoking. I give “Us” a nine out of 10.

‘Captain Marvel’ boasts stunning female lead with strong morale

An ultimate soldier is not defined by their ability, but rather their compassion and morality.

The latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), “Captain Marvel,” directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, is the first film in the MCU with a female superhero as the center of the movie.

captainmarvelbrielarson.0“Captain Marvel” follows Carol Danvers, also known as Vers, as she is in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. The movie doesn’t take much time explaining the two alien races, so you have to figure out things as you go.

Vers, played by Brie Larson, is training as a warrior on the Kree planet of Hala. Her mentor, Yon-Rogg, played by Jude Law, is constantly telling her to not let her emotions get the best of her.

But when she goes on her first mission, Vers is captured and interrogated by the enemy race known as Skrulls. When she is being interrogated, she sees glimpses of her past life on Earth as test pilot Carol Danvers.

Once she escapes from the Skrull ship, she lands on a different planet Earth. On Earth, Vers begins to piece together her past life as an Air Force test pilot. As she discovers memories she didn’t know she had, she also finds more bravery and strength in herself.

Annette Bening plays Carol’s mysterious mentor in the Air Force, Dr. Wendy Lawson. Maria Rambeau, played by Lashana Lynch, helps Carol reclaim her personality as her best friend. Maria is a fellow pilot who never got the shot she deserved because she was a woman and a young mother.

Carol’s most important relationship, however, is with young S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson. Fury follows Carol through her journey to discover herself and protect the planet from the Skrull she believes is a threat.

Carol discovers that what she thought was true about the war she’s apart of is a lie. She becomes “Captain Marvel,” turn against the Kree. This tests her strength in a way she has never experienced before, and she gathers the strength from all of her past experiences to get up again.

“Captain Marvel” presents a strong feminist message, showing that it’s OK if you fall, as captain-marvel-2019-movie-still-1long as you always get back up. The final fight scene offers a powerful metaphor for what can be accomplished if you stop waiting to be told that you are enough and stop believing the people who tell you you’re too emotional or too weak.

This movie is important for the MCU storyline. Marvel is leading up to “Avengers: Endgame,” which is coming out next month, and they’re introducing a new character that could be vital to the next movie.  It fills in the blanks in some aspects of the MCU, such as the Kree race and where one of the infinity stones comes from. It’s a good build up for the next movie that has been highly anticipated.

The movie was also very nostalgic. Set in the ‘90’s, “Captain Marvel” features both music and locations from the ‘90’s, such as a Blockbuster Video Store. The way it was shot also provided a nostalgic feeling. It was simply done like it would have been if it was filmed in the ‘90’s.

Overall, it was a good story line and a good cast to back it up. I really enjoyed it, not just because it has a female character in the lead but because of the strength the character has.

Although “Captain Marvel” has been recently introduced, she is definitely one of my favorite characters. I give “Captain Marvel” a nine out of 10.

‘Greta’ offers suspense through dark tale of stalking

A simple act of kindness can go a long way. But for some, it can end in a life-altering disaster.

Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Neil Jordan, “Greta” stars Chloë Grace Moretz and Isabelle Huppert.

A very naive young woman named Frances, played by Moretz, is on the subway one day and notices a purse that is left behind. Trying to be a good person, she returns the purse to the owner, Greta, at her home.

la-1551307675-snl3k2tk8l-snap-imageGreta is an eccentric French piano teacher who loves tea and good music. The two strike up a harmless friendship, but Greta’s behavior eventually becomes increasingly erratic and Frances does whatever it takes to end the relationship.

Watching the trailer before going to see the film made me intrigued, because I do like thrillers and I also like who was casted in the film. However, I did read some reviews, and a few said to lower my expectations for this movie. So I really didn’t know what to think going into this film.

Moretz does a good job of playing her part, and she has a lot to do with her character because she has to go through a lot of different emotions at a rapid pace throughout scenes.

There are also parts that were physically demanding. I think Moretz handled them very well and was able to pull it off by delivering a sympathetic performance. She was believable and was able to play as a naive person who is not used to living in the city, which is important for the storyline to work.

She makes choices so anyone who has ever lived in a big city before is going to look at her and wonder why she is making the decisions that she is making, even after seeing all of the red flags Greta’s character gives off throughout the film.

This film would not even be close to as good as it is without Moretz and Huppert as the two lead actresses. Without a doubt, the star of this film is the title character, Greta, played by Huppert, who essentially plays three different characters.

At the beginning of the film, she plays a gentle, welcoming woman who seems to want to know more about Frances once her purse is returned to her. Then she quickly becomes an obsessive person who is stalking Frances on social media and watching her at work. Lastly, it becomes a toxic, psychotic relationship when Greta reveals who she is.

Huppert does a great job of portraying each one of these characters. Her performance greta_03stands out in each part of the film.

Although she doesn’t have a very demanding role, Maika Monroe plays the streetwise friend, Erica, and roommate who tries to keep Frances out of trouble. Her character was sort of like the audience’s voice throughout the film, and she shared some of the same frustration the audience may have felt.

The script is filled with many clichés and so many familiar scenes, I could see where it was going, to some extent. It reminded me of the kind of films that were made in the ‘90s. There were tons of movies where there was a crazy person who followed people everywhere, or a character started out fine but eventually turned out to be crazy. It’s the kind of film we’ve seen before.

Greta displays so many warning signs early on  that just about anybody can realize it was a situation they needed to get out of. I felt like I was constantly waiting for the protagonist to see these obvious signs. When she doesn’t, it becomes a little frustrating.

Yes, her character is naive, and that is established early in the film. So I felt I could give it a pass after seeing she was a trusting person. But there eventually comes points in the movie when some physicality would have been a good thing to see, and I didn’t see that from Moretz’s character at all.

Still, there are some high points to the film. There is a great build up of suspense. There are parts when tension brews for awhile, and it is a well-directed film with good acting. But it builds to a finale that asks the audience to take the end of the film at face value, while I think there are so many different ways that this character could have gotten out of the situation she ends up in.

I would give “Greta” an 8 out of 10.

Loot, pillage in sandbox pirate adventure game ‘Sea of Thieves’

Sail the seas and take what you want in Rare Interactive’s sandbox pirate adventure, “Sea of Thieves.”

“Sea of Thieves” gives players balanced options that are rarely seen in the gaming industry today. For example, all weapons are exactly the same and cannot be upgraded. A player who has been active for some time would not have a better weapon than somebody logging in for the first time. The veteran pirate may have a classier outfit and a golden pistol. But the golden pistol gives zero benefits, only swagger.

kraken_1.pngA “sandbox” game emphasizes exploration and gives the player choices of what to do, instead of having a linear story line. “Sea of Thieves” places the player and their crew anywhere on a giant ocean littered with a plethora of unique islands. Almost every island has a secret or treasure waiting to be found.

There are special islands called “Skull Forts.” Each Skull Fort is a named island, with a fort guarded by skeletons. Every half our or so, a giant skull-shaped cloud appears over a random fort, triggering a raid. Pirates have to fight through at least 10 waves of skeletons, including a final boss at the end of the raid. The boss drops a key to a large stash, which is the prize for the risk of taking the fort. Not only are the skeletons and their canon fire lethal, other pirates can see the skull cloud, and race to the loot, either sabotaging players actively taking the fort, or stealing the loot once the raid is finished.

Three pirate companies dish out gold pieces for the treasure players find. If a treasure chest is found, the “Gold Hoarders” faction will happily pay for it. The “Order of Souls” company purchases magical skulls, which are either stolen, or looted from the most common enemy: the living dead. Also, there is the “Merchant Alliance,” which tasks players to collect animals and other tradable goods such as cannonballs.

When a player reaches level 50 in the original three companies, they earn the status of “Pirate Legend.” Lastly, “Athena’s Fortune” grants voyages to those who have reached max reputation with the other three companies.

The content in “Sea of Thieves” has been lacking since launch. Going on voyages or spamming skull fort raids is very repetitive. Luckily, Rare developers have addressed this since launch, saying that “Sea of Thieves” will evolve over time into a truly satisfying experience. Furthermore, Rare likes to tell players that the point of the game is less about the destination, but the journey it takes to get there. Rare tries to emphasize the adventure in a quest, raid, or voyage, not just the reward.

The freedom that “Sea of Thieves” delivers is by far my favorite aspect of the game. With new adventures being released every few months, some forcing opposing crews to work together, “Sea of Thieves” is a game that creates fantastic stories of classic pirate shenanigans. Whether a crew is involved in a heated skirmish on the high seas, or an espionage scheme where a crew is dedicated to the long con of stealing a huge stash of loot, the game never ceases to keep players talking about it.

Another point that cannot be ignored is Rare’s attention to detail, along with the aesthetics. The graphics are truly a spectacle, especially while on the open seas. I have never taken more screenshots of a video game than in “Sea of Thieves.”

Additionally, Rare has delivered no shortage of Easter eggs. The music sounds like it was produced by “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” developers. The bananas and barrels are straight from “Donkey Kong,” and there is even an island to travel to where a player can hear Diddy Kong yelling at the wind.

As the game evolves, I’m sure my rating will increase. But for now, I give “Sea of Thieves” an 8 out of 10.

Romantic comedy surprises with positive outcome

If you are not a fan of romantic comedies, you might want to watch “Isn’t it Romantic,” because it has a different storyline.

The movie starts out In New York City with Natalie as a pre-teen girl  (played by Alex Kis). Natalie, who is watching a romantic movie, is told by her mother, played by Jennifer Saunders, that romance can not happen unless you look like a Hollywood actress. Natalie grows up to believe this and is left being stuck in her own miserable, romantic-less world.

Rebel-Wilson-Movie-Set-Isnt-t-Romantic-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-5Twenty five years later, Natalie, played by Rebel Wilson, is being used by her coworkers and is only seen as the coffee girl. Feeling completely invisible because of how her boss, coworkers, and others treat her, she complains for three hours about how romantic movies are lies to a coworker, Whitney, played by Betty Gilpin. Whitney ends up telling her that if she would be more open, people might not pass her by as much.

On her way home, Natalie gets robbed once she steps off the subway trains. After chasing her robber and getting her purse back, she turns around to run away, only to run straight into a metal beam and is knocked unconscious.

When she wakes up, Natalie is greeted by a very handsome doctor. Being completely freaked out when the doctor tells her how beautiful she is, she flees from the hospital, only to get hit by a limo as she’s trying to cross the street. The business man, Blake, played by Liam Hemsworth, who is inside the limo, gets out to check on her and apologizes for his driver. Being in complete awe of her, he gives her his phone number and tells her to call him if she ever needs anything.

Natalie ends up getting arrested, and not having anyone’s number memorized, uses her one phone call to call Blake, since she still had his number in her pocket. After he bails her out, he takes her to her home, where he sets up a date for later that night.

Realizing that she’s stuck in a “romantic movie” life, her goal becomes to get someone to fall in love with her.

Toward the end of the movie, Natalie’s best friend and coworker, Josh, played by Adam Devine, is about to get married. She then realizes that the person she loves, and who she thinks she needs to get  to love her back so she can go back to her “normal” life, is Josh.


On the day that Josh is getting married, she decides to try to break up the wedding. Flying through the doors of the church, she starts to tell Josh that he’s about to make a big mistake and that he should be with her. But mid-way through, she realizes that the person she needs to love is herself. After stealing a car and driving away from the church, she’s finally happy with her life because she realizes the only person she has ever needed is herself.

Natalie then gets into a car accident and wakes up in a realistic hospital. Finally, back in her “normal” life, she goes to work and becomes the boss who has always been in her by stepping up and not letting her coworkers walk all over her.

Although this movie is not one of the best romantic comedies I have seen, it has a very good message. It is one that I personally needed to hear: The person you need to love is yourself.

This was the first movie in a theater that I went to watch alone, and because of the message, it should be one that others see alone as well.

The movie does a good job at the end of showing that it is not OK to let people walk all over you, and that you should believe in yourself more and take credit for what you have done.

But most importantly, the movie shows that you need to be happy with what you have, where you live, and who is around you.

“Isn’t it Romantic” really surprised me. The trailers of this movie made me think it was going to be negative and hate on romance, when, in reality, it was very funny and uplifting. I rate this movie a 7 out of 10.

‘The Umbrella Academy’ series unmasks different breed of heroes

On first day of October in 1989, suddenly 43 women give birth to gifted children. But none were pregnant when the day begin.

Once again, Netflix surprises with a new movie based on a comic book, “The Umbrella Academy.” The adaptation of a comic novel, “The Umbrella Academy” by Gerard Way, the vocalist and co-founder of the rock band ‘My Chemical Romance,’ and Gabriel Bá, is a classic story of superheroes trying to save humanity from an apocalypse with a little bit of family drama.

the-umbrella-academy-netflix-1550864234The series starts with the reunion of the superhero family after the father Sir Reginald Hargreeves (played by Colm Feore) is announced to be dead.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves is a philanthropist and a very wealthy inventor who adopted seven of  thoses 43 children and raises them to basically save the world.

The story shows how Hargreeves was more focused on the children’s powers and only caring about the results that they could bring, instead of caring for them as children. His inability to get involved in the kids’ lives is evident when he does not even take time to name them. That leads the kids to grow up to be dysfunctional and psychologically damaged heroes.

The characters have a pretty strong presence of the heartless father in they lives, but they also had two nurturing figures to count on in Mom, played by Jordan Claire Robbins, and Pogo, voiced by Adam Godley, a super intelligent talking chimpanzee and loyal server to Sir Hargreeves.

umbrella-academy-sir-reginald-1550238393The characters have unique powers and life experiences that are shown in the development of the episodes. Number 1 is Luther, played by Tom Hooper, who has superhuman strength. Number 2 is Diego, played by David Castañeda, who has the ability for super-precise knife combat and also can breath underwater. Number 3 is Allison, played by Emmy Raver-Lampman, who can manipulate a rumor to become reality by speaking. Number 4 is Klaus, played by Robert Sheehan, who has the power of telekinesis and can levitate. He also can posses and talk with the dead. Number 5, played by Aidan Gallagher, is the only son who was not given a name. The reason that he got stuck in a different period of time during time traveling, and when he finally came back, he is stuck in his 13-year-old body.

Number 6 is Ben, played by Justin H Min, whose power is to have many layers of skin. He died at a young age but is present in the series through interaction with his brother Klaus.

Number 7 is Vanya, played by Ellen Page, who is the mysterious piece of the Umbrella Academy. She is the ordinary child of her superhero family.

Other characters who add a lot of action to the show are the time traveler hitman, Cha Cha, played by Mary J. Blige, and Hazel, played by Cameron Britton. They bring extra mystery to the show that is developed and explained during a few episodes, which make it more interesting. As the show progresses, you start to see the reason the characters are present.

A lot of the series happens afters years of the separation of the family. During the reunion, there are flashbacks to childhood experiences. Also, the siblings attempt to reconnect as a family after the father’s death. It show how their personalities end up creating conflicts while trying to prevent a global apocalypse.

One of the aspects that makes the series very engaging and entertaining is not only is it about superheros, you can find a lot aspects of crime, science fiction, romance, and mystery in many of the episodes.

At first, the series did not look extremely exciting, since the first episode starts a bit slow. But before the episode ended, they definitely got my attention and made me ready to see what else was to come.

I give “The Umbrella Academy” a 8.5 out 10.

‘Abducted in Plain Sight’ tells harrowing story of kidnapping

Manipulators are careful and meticulous planners.

Netflix’s new documentary “Abducted in Plain Sight” tells the story of a family that falls prey to the manipulative charms of a neighbor, who then abducts the family’s daughter.

06-abducted-in-plain-sight.w700.h700Robert Berchtold also know as “B,” was a master manipulator who tormented a Washington family with brainwashing, arson, death threats, and aliens.

Berchtold gained the trust of the Broberg family by being a member of the same church and posing as a family man who loved kids. He was also the new guy in town making friends.

“B” was able to kidnap one of the Broberg children twice. The first time he kidnapped a daughter, he was taking the child horseback riding and gave her an allergy pill that was later found out to be sleeping medications so that his victim would be unconscious.

While hiding out in Mexico in a mobile home, “B” would play the recordings of aliens saying that the child needed to breed with a male friend to complete the mission, and  told her that he and the child were both aliens.  If she did not complete this task, terrible things would happen to her family. Her dad would disappear forever and her sister would go blind if she did not have a child with her captor by age16.

B’s wife was a key manipulator, as she begged the Brobergs not to report the kidnapping. The family kept quiet for a few days before finally getting the FBI involved. They were able to eventually get them to return home from Mexico after the family agreed not to press charges. The FBI begged them to stand firm, but the family was afraid of Berchtoldblackmailing both the mom and dad. Berchtold had had sexual relations with both the mother and the father. The family was afraid of being judged, and so they wrote out an affadavit allowing the kidnapping to be legal.


The second time the child was kidnapped was when the parents sent her to Utah to work for “B” and he ended up hiding her at a Catholic school in California under a false name. This was during the time of the Lebanon crisis, so he posed as a CIA agent, which was why nobody questioned what was going on in California at this time.

16th birthday, when she realized that nothing occurred to her family when she expressed interest in a different boy and attending drama camp at Brigham Young University.

Berchtold was never convicted of any crimes against the family. The mother and daughter of the Broberg family went on to write a book exposing him, and he started to harass the family again. That’s when they filed a restraining order. Berchtold was convicted in another case of pedophilia years later. Rather than facing the jail sentence, he went home, took all of his heart medication, drank a bottle of Kahlua and ended up killing himself.

This documentary shows how easily a family can be manipulated and lead to easily trust people. The reenactment through the ‘70s gritty film of home movies ads an extra layer of creepiness to the story. I found the story hard to watch at times, not because film was bad, but because of how parents could be so trusting and so manipulated. If you’re a true crime junkie and looking for an interesting film to watch, I highly recommend watching “Abducted in Plain Sight.” I would rate this 6 out of 10

‘Alita’ accentuates brutal cyberpunk universe

Every city on Earth has been all but destroyed, with the exceptions of Iron City and the floating city of Zalem directly above.

“Alita: Battle Angel” brings a post-apocalyptic cyber-punk universe to life with stunning visuals, heart-breaking scenes, and intense battles.

It is the year 2563, and a cataclysmic war between the people of Earth and the “United Republic of Mars,” coined “The Fall” or “The Great War,” has left Earth in ruins.

dimsCybernetics and robotics are part of daily life in a place called Iron City. It has a giant scrapyard in the center, which is supplied Zalem. Zalem is the last floating city on Earth, where only the elite can live. Zalem dumps all of its junk, including damaged cyborgs, down on to Iron City. Iron City inhabitants live a mostly subservient life to those on Zalem, with a large factory that produces and ships parts and goods for the floating city.

Alita is a cyborg that was found in the scrapyard by Dr. Daisuke Ido, who is the best engineer in Iron City. Ido is originally from Zalem, and he was sent down to Iron City after his daughter, who was also named Alita, was diagnosed with a rare disease.

Ido repairs the amnesiac Alita by giving her the body he created for his daughter. Later, through her muscle memory of a lost fighting technique, she experiences flashbacks of her past and starts hunting answers.

The Factory is operated by a sort of criminal conglomerate, led by a man named Vector. Vector makes the factory and himself money through a game called “Motorball” and other criminal activities. Motorball is a gladiatorial racing game. The only rule seems to be “get the ball in the hole” at the end of a large, concrete track. Motorball players are typically cyborgs or humans in an exo-suit, equipped with special racing gear and weapons to fight off opponents. There are no teams.


Many people in Iron City have cybernetic enhancements. It is not uncommon to see a normal-looking human with two robotic arms that are specifically engineered for an occupation. Many humans exchange their own body parts for robotic upgrades in an attempt to live better lives. People with interchangeable body parts face certain risks, however.

The criminal conglomerate that runs and oversees “Motorball” and the factory hires young criminals to poach valuable body parts from the citizens of Iron City. Vector hires a young man, Hugo, as one of his poachers with the promise of sending him to Zalem after he pays Vector 1 million credits.

Additionally, the big, bad, “Nova,” who lives in Zalem, collects body parts of the people he admires. The world Alita lives in is truly a dog-eat-dog world, where the strong prey on the weak.

“Alita: Battle Angel” brings a beautiful, rugged landscape to a post-apocalyptic Earth. Even the “Badlands,” which is the area outside of Iron City, is a beautiful natural scene with a handful of the terrible reminders of war that had once torn the land.

Most of the movie was filmed in Austin, Texas. A gorgeous scene of The Badlands features some of Texas’ beautiful landscape.

“Alita: Battle Angel” was a very good adaptation of the manga and anime versions. I hope to see a sequel hit the big screen in the future. I give “Alita: Battle Angel” an 8/10.