Tag: Teacher Feature

Professor inspired to mold young minds through faith

Janet Hargrove has touched the lives of so many people in many different ways. She touched the lives of patients working in the nursing field for 30 years. She has […]

Math professor keeps positive outlook despite setbacks

Despite experiencing setbacks, Alma Lopez keeps a positive perspective on life. Lopez spent her first six years of life growing up around Happy, Texas, eventually moving to Dalhart, where she […]

English professor adores learning from diverse students

Margaret “Buffy” Rattan is best described as a fun and dedicated parent, wife, and professor. An instructor in English at South Plains College, Rattan was born in California, but has […]

Nursing instructor recalls past struggles, immigrating to America

Acebedo has encountered many of the difficulties that a typical nursing student faces while also having experienced the hardships of moving to a new country and adapting to the countless changes.

Professor uses experience to educate students

A lifetime of experiences has given Jay Hoes wisdom to educate his students.

Decorated office gets ‘reaction’ from chemistry students

Posters, banners, pennants, bumper stickers, and sports memorabilia are all items one may find at a sporting goods store or a gift shop.

Art professor uses passion for comics to create teaching aids

Living two lives, Marc Watson doubles as a beloved comic book creator and professor.