Planning A Trip To Lakshadweep Islands
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Planning A Trip To Lakshadweep Islands

The coral islands of Lakshadweep (the chances are remote that you don’t know) are actually 36 in total but only 10 are inhabited. These islands have become another name for lagoons, coconut trees and the beaches. With this statement we have tried to create a formula to describe Lakshadweep although we ourselves don’t believe that this group of islands will allow such simplistic approaches.

There is more to them as the other attractions such as underwater coral formations are breathtakingly beautiful and you can actually see the exotic fishes in the sparkling seawaters. so this place becomes one huge endless aquarium where you don’t know what you are going to see next.

Vacation Options

Lakshadweep is an exotic location in the Arabian Sea that is some 200-300 km away from the Kerala coastline. This tiny union territory has its headquarters at Kavaratti and is gaining rapidly in terms of popularity among the tourists. The luxury cruises from Cochin are very popular here. These cruises begin and end at Cochin.

The domestic tourists are allowed to tour four islands whereas foreigners are allowed on two of the islands. Anybody touring these islands requires permission from the administration. A visit to Kavaratti Island will take you to the beautiful Ujra Mosque as well as to the aquarium with tropical fish and corals, the lake and other tombs. You can see the tomb of Hazrat Ubaidullah at the Andrott Island.

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The Minicoy Island is about 200 km away from Kavaratti and has many prime attractions to its credit such as a lighthouse built by the British and Buddhist Archaeological Remains. The moment you land on Kadamat Island, you are enamoured by the water sports facilities, tourist huts, lagoons and swimming facilities here.

Bangaram is one such island that has recently been opened up for the foreigners which has a large variety of coral formations and that of coral fish. You can indulge here in various water sports such as sailing, kayaking, paddle boating, glass bottom boating etc.

Activities to Do

Try taking a walk in the sea (near the sea shore and with all the safety precautions), you’ll find it to be one of the most soothing experiences of all.

Go for snorkeling in the administration run water sports complex, you may not be enamoured but will definitely like the experience.

You can visit some coral locations in the sea in a glass bottom boat which will give you some breathtaking views of the aquatic life at the place.

Watch out for the late sunrises in the area as day breaks late because of Lakshadweep’s location.

See the lighthouse at the Minicoy island that was constructed by the British about a hundred years ago.

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Visit the beautiful mosques of Kavaratti as well as the aquarium. Other recommended activities are Kayaking, snorkeling etc.