A Winter Snowmobiling Vacation Provides Great Family Bonding Time

A Winter Snowmobiling Vacation Provides Great Family Bonding Time

A Winter Snowmobiling Vacation provides great family bonding time.

If you’ve ever ridden a snowmobile then you know the excitement and pleasure that comes from a morning sledding through a fresh blanket of snow. Snowmobiling is a great way to relax and unwind from the stresses of work and life. It allows you to leave the television and video games behind to enjoy the snow and the outdoors and each other.

There are many great places for a snowmobiling vacation around the United States and here are some areas to consider as you are planning that family vacation of a lifetime:

Montana and Wyoming

With more then 3,000 miles of trails in Montana and 1,300 in Wyoming snowmobilers have a vast winter playground to explore. When most people think of a Wyoming snowmobiling vacation they think of Yellowstone National Park.

While there is still great snowmobiling in Yellowstone, to protect the wildlife the National Parks service has considerably limited the access; requiring snowmobiliers to stay on groomed roads. Yellowstone is still beautiful on a snowmobile but it may not be the same as 5 to 10 years ago with these new restrictions.

Southwestern Wyoming winter snowmobiling vacations – Extensive trail networks exist in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest are good for novice and experienced snowmobilers. The Medicine Bow National Forest headquarters in Larime (phone: 307-745-2300) can assist you in planning a local outing on its more than 60 miles of maintained Forest Service trails.

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Sheridan and Eastern Wyoming snowmobiling vacations – Snowmobiling has caught on big in the Bighorn National Forest; where you will find more than 380 miles of groomed and ungroomed trails. Contact the Tongue River district of the US Forest Service (phone: 307-672-0751) in Sheridan Wyoming for information on local trails and conditions.

Northern Wyoming snowmobiling vacations – Like every other community on the edge of the Bighorn National Forest, Sheridan Wyoming abounds with opportunities for outdoor recreation. This area offers hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails just waiting for you to explore.

Continental Divide snowmobiling vacations – There is now a linkage of groomed snowmobile trails, called the Continental Divide, running from Southern end of Wyoming Wind River Mountains up through Yellowstone National Park to join 500 mile networks of trails in Montana. Winter transforms this county into a snowmobilers playground with 250 miles of the Continental Divide trail reaching from Lander Wyoming to Yellowstone.

Cody winter snowmobiling vacations – The most popular Cody snowmobiling trails originate from Pahaska Tepee Resort located 51 miles from Cody on US 14/16/20. Don’t take the Pahaska Tepee trail over 8,541 foot Sylvan Pass if you are afraid of heights; but if you are not it connects to the Yellowstone National Park trails and the lengthy Continental Divide snowmobiling trail and offers breathtaking views including Avalanche Peak (10,566 feet) and Cody Peak (10,267 feet). The sunlight trail system is located 36 miles north of Cody and winds through the wilds to a stunning view of the Beartooth Mountains.

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Colorado Springs, Leadville, Durango and San Juan Mountains are just a few areas to consider for winter snowmobile vacations. Check with the local chamber of commerce for details and suggestions when you are doing your planning.


Maine has over 13,000 miles of groomed trails just waiting for you to explore. The Moosehead Lake region located near the town of Greenville is very popular as well as the The Forks area. But with 13,000 miles of trails pretty much anywhere in the winter in Maine is close to a snowmobile trail.

Some Planning Tips for your Winter Snowmobiling Vacation

  1. If you plan to bring your own sleds some states are now requiring out of state snowmobilers to register and pay a fee for Forest Service trail riding. The local Chamber of Commerce should be able to help you with registration.
  2. Though sled rental shops in most snowmobiling areas are plentiful, machines are in high demand, so you are wise to make reservations well in advance of your winter snowmobiling vacation.
  3. If you are planning to rent your sleds you can expect to pay $125 a day for a basic touring snowmobile and up to $200 a day for a high performance sled.