Annual Panhandle South Plains Fair returns to entertain West Texans

by RILEY GOLDEN//Entertainment Editor

The smell of fried food and distant screams are in the air. The Ferris wheel and many other rides line the horizon.

The Panhandle South Plains Fair, which was held Sept. 23 to Oct 1, has left Lubbock with another year of fun-filled memories.

The food never disappoints, with different churches and civic clubs running the food and drink booths. The best place to start is always at the Lemonade Stand, where there’s strawberry or regular lemonade that rivals that of Cane’s and Chick-fil-A.

After this is when it gets a bit more complicated. Turkey legs and foot-long corn dogs covered in ketchup are passing left and right. People line the benches, enjoying a variety of loaded and chili cheese potatoes – and desserts.

There are regular funnel cakes with powder sugar and red velvet funnel cakes on a plate and on a stick.  There was also a variety of fried dessert options such as Oreos, Snickers, and even fried bananas – eating at the South Plains Fair is as much fun as the rollercoaster’s.

The South Plains Fair offered a variety of activities, food and entertainment on Sept. 28 MATT MOLINAR//PLAINSMAN PRESS

The South Plains Fair offered a variety of activities, food and entertainment on Sept. 28

All of the rides range from different sizes of swings and drop towers to a stomach-turning antigravity ride. Some rides go up, constantly spinning, while others stay on the ground and spin around.

Barkers fill the space between rides, asking for money and offering games in return. People stand in line waiting to knock a jokester into a tank full of water.

In the middle of the fair stood a large barn, displaying different food items that were entered in culinary competitions. Each creation also had a ribbon showing the result of the creator’s efforts. Among the food included pie, cake, salsa and even small canisters of spices.

Near the entrance to the barn, kids gathered to observe the one-man show, Washboard Willy. Alongside Willy were some other entertainers, such as Texas Terry, Rock-it the Robot, Buck Trout, and Ron Diamond, a hypnotist.

As for the big-name entertainers, a few greats were in attendance at the South Plains Fair this year. Among them were Three Dog Night and Shaggy.

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