Fall 2017

Word on the Street: Is your tuition worth it?



Destiny Lyon – Elementary Education, Freshman, Lenorah

“Yes, I had mine paid for with scholarships. But I feel like it’s a good price here.”



Lane Farrar – Electrical and Power Transmission Technology, Freshman, Spearman

“Absolutely, my professor knows exactly what he’s doing. I think this is a great way to go.”



Juan RodriguezCommercial Music Performance Certification, Sophomore, Clovis, N.M.

“Yes, a week and half in, and I’m just feeling hopeful about what this semester looks like!.”



Angelly PerezNurse Anesthetist, Sophomore, Plainview

“Well, honestly, I don’t pay for my school, but I believe if I did, my tuition would be worth it. I mean, it’s going for my career, and so I think every bit would be worth it.”


IMG_0075James MileIndustrial Manufacturing and Merging Technology Use, Junior, Denver City

“Yes, I’d say my tuition is worth it. I’m on financial aid, so it pays for everything I need. The classes are great. They’re not bad at all, so the instructor really makes sure you understand.”



Miguel PerezDiesel Mechanic, Freshman, Gruver

“Yes, my professors are really nice, and they really help you out if you need something, and encourage you to ask questions and make sure you understand what you’re learning.”


Compiled by Randi Jimes and Rebecca Ruiz

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