Fall 2017

Adoption should be legal for all couples

All families who adopt children are loving and sacrificial. Any responsible adult who is willing to accept someone into their home deserves to have a completed family.

In 2017, legislation was passed in Texas that allows discrimination against LGBTQ adults in adopting. Everyone who is trying to have a growing family, and are up to the task as responsible adults, should be able to get a child through the route of adoption.

Children getting adopted by someone who loves any particular gender is not a concern to me. Taking all of the children being adopted by LGBTQ candidates away and keeping them for non-LGBTQ couples or families is counterproductive. Any family capable of doing such tasks, such as LGBTQ couples or families raising a child, should be presented with the same questions as a heterosexual couple or family.

Just as there is little or no discrimination toward straight people wanting to adopt, the same requirements should be applied for LGBTQ families. Heterosexual and LGBTQ couples both deserve a fair chance in adopting adolescents who do not have a stable home, because the adolescents also deserve a chance to fulfill their childhood in a complete, stable, and happy home.

Dec-7-for-Christian-blog1It is not fair that members of the LGBTQ community do not get a shot with their ideal family. It is absurd and ridiculous that people who want to adopt are discriminated against for their views in life, unlike heterosexual couples. The LGBTQ community deserves the same rights as straight couples when providing children with love. If I were an orphan or in the foster care system, I would be happy to have a family, regardless of the family’s sex or classification.

In 2017, being concerned with values of other, right-worthy adults who want to adopt is beyond illogical and impractical. If a couple or family has a connection with a child who needs a home, both parties need to have a shot at taking a child home.

If teaching children the right thing to do and growing to be a responsible adult is allegedly everyone’s goal in this instance, LGBTQ classifications should not even be on the table of discussion. It is so close-minded to argue about LGBTQ families should not be able to adopt when these couples have been responsible and are very willing.

To an extent, other people shouldn’t have a say in who gets a family and who doesn’t. Getting fed up and justifying a reason to not give anyone a family is an ancient ideal. Nowadays, people around the world, and Texas, are becoming more knowledgeable and accepting.

There is wide-spread allowing of LGTBQ marriage, so should we be able to decide the line of where their families stop? I don’t think so. In Texas, is it hypocritical to say people who classify themselves as LGBTQ can only participate in the freedoms the rest of us are allowed to practice (such as adoption)?

It seems that people who say their religion is against the idea of LGBTQ adoption certainly are forgetting the separation between church and state. I hate the fact that people who can procreate are trying to prevent those who cannot from adopting. Just like others, members of the LGBTQ community are trying to create their dream families. To try to keep someone from a dream is wrong, and I feel sorry for people who are overruling love with hate.

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