Fall 2017

Comic Corner: Oct. 11-Oct. 18


DC Comics

Action Comics 989 LenticularAction Comics #989

Mr. Oz has been revealed to be Jor- El, Superman, or Kal-El’s, father. In “The Oz Effect Part 3”Clark, or Superman, and Jor are talking at Superman’s Fortress of Solitude when climactic events, that seem to be the work of Jor, start happening all around the world.Superman flees to disolve a conflict in Logamba, which leaves Jor-El a perfect window to find Jon, or Superboy, Clark’s son.

Jor gives Jon a a glimpse at a world where everyone has powers and they don’t have to hide them, which tempts Jon to consider his offer.

“The Oz Effect” has been a great story arc, but it will lose it’s impact if DC drags it through too many issues, which I hope doesn’t happen.

Batman 33Batman #33

Batman, Bruce Wayne, has just proposed to Selina Kyle, or Catwoman, and in “The Rules of Engagement, Part 1,” Bruce and Selina are in Khadym, in the Middle East, to confront Talia Al Ghul, the father of Bruce’s son and an international assassin.

They are wearing their Batman and Catwoman suits, with a desert twist. They’re wearing goggles, Batman’s cape has been replaced by a tan trench coat and he’s wearing a mustard scarf. Catwoman is wearing an off-white poncho, a black top, and tan pants.

The day-time desert setting and attire is an extremely aesthetic and refreshing look for the bat after the lengthy “War of Jokes and Riddles” run.

Dtective Comics 966Detective Comics #966

Mr. Oz, Superman’s father, has been holding Tim Drake, the Red Robin, against his will in an other-dimensional prison, when he finally hacks the system and breaks out.

When trying to escape, he runs into Batman, but it’s not the Batman he thinks it is.

Batman is weilding a pistol, and it’s Tim Drake from an alternate timeline.

In “A Lonely Place of Living Chapter 2,” readers get a glimpse at how Tim, who absolutely doesn’t want to be Batman, becomes Batman. This is an incredibly satisfying and mind-bending storyline.

Green Arrow 33Green Arrow #33

In “Homecoming,” Green Arrow is making his return to Star City known, while the unmasked Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, is supposed to be going on trial for the murder of a girl that is actually still alive, but too traumatized to clear Ollie’s name.

Ollie and Dinah, the vigilante known as Black Canary, reconnect and repair their relationship after Ollie’s trip through the states in “Hard Traveling Hero.”

At the end of the issue, Ollie is visiting his supposed grave, spray painted with “murderer,” when his mom, Moira, who Ollie thought was dead, comes to him, with, more than likely, a devious plan.

Metal 3Metal #3

In “Metal 3,” Superman and Wonder Woman awake from a dream to see Gotham in ruins and confront Barbados.

Superman is about to get pummeled by the evil Batmen when Flash comes through a fate gate and brings Superman back to Doctor Fate’s other-dimensional hideout, The Oblivion Bar.

The remaining heroes catch Superman up on what they’ve been doing (in “Gotham Resistance”), when Superman devises a plan that is actually a trap for him, and he gets stuck in the Dark Multiverse.

Batman_The_Drowned_Vol_1_1 (1)Batman: The Drowned #1


“Batman: The Drowned” is the latest Dark Knight to come out of the Dark Multiverse, and although the colors flowing across the pages are beautiful and there is a cool premise to this Batman, but it gets muddled by pore execution.

Batman: The Drowned is from a Dark Universe where everyone is the opposite gender from the main DC unverse, but readers don’t really get to see any of these opposite gendered heroes or characters because they’re only referenced to. “Batman: The Drowned” also suffers from a less orginal story that closely resembles that of “Batman: The Murder Machine.”

Marvel Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man #789

Amazing Spider-Man 789

Peter Parker was basically the new Tony Stark of the Marvel Universe, being the owner of Parker Industries, a major tech company.

But, during the “Secret Empire” run, Peter was discredited, lost all of his money, and now can barely show his face in New York.

In “Fall of Parker Part 1,” the Amazing Spider-man isn’t feeling so amazing, and is battling the real-world issue that is situational depression.

Then Bobbi Morse, A.K.A. Mockingbird, makes Pete put on the tights and the web-shooters and go out on patrol, which really lifts his spirits.

Cable #150
Cable 150

The man called Cable was born Nathan Summers to Scott Summers, or Cyclops, and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey (the Pheonix) made by Mr. Sinister.

Cable was infected with a techno-organic virus by Apocalypse and Cyclops had to send his son to the future for a cure.

Now, Cable protects humans and mutants across the past, present, and future.

In “The Newer Mutants Chapter 1” Cable recruits a group of misfit mutants to investigate an Immortal that might be messing with the timestream. I’ve never read “Cable” before the recent 5 issue series and I developed a real appreciation for the time travel aspect; and I feel like Cable and the New Mutants can be considered the X-Men’s answer to the Gurdians of the Galaxy.

The Champions #13Champions 13

In “Worlds Collide: Part 2,” the largest buildings around the world are shaking like crazy in an attempt to create some kind of conduit to bring something nefarious to the earth. The Avengers and The Champions are teaming up to protect the people that are in harms way due to the shaking buildings.

Hercules and Hulk are tag-teaming a menotaur for some satisfying action-packed pannels. Lady Thor and Spider-Man are flying and web-slinging through Seoul, South Korea saving people.

At the end Viv Vision and Falcon are transported to an unknown jungle location.

Falcon #1
Falcon 1

During the recent Marvel storyline, Falcon put away the red and black tights and took up the mantle of Captain America.

But now that evil Cap has been defeated and the Secret Empire has fallen, Sam Wilson has taken up the Falcon mantle again, and is wrestling with the idea of being betrayed by his bestfriend.

In “Falcon #1” Sam and his new sidekick, Rayshaun Lucas, A.K.A. the Patriot are trying to negotiate a truce between two rival gangs in Chicago. I really liked the storyline but I don’t love the art style.

The Incredible Hulk #709
Hulk 709

In “Return to Planet Hulk Part 1,” formerly known as the Totally Awesome Hulk, Amadeus Cho, now the Incredible Hulk, gets a distress signal from Sakaar, a planet in the Tayo star system.

Amadeus Cho flies through a wormhole and crash lands on Sakaar, going from man to Hulk within seconds.

Amadeus had seemingly more control over his transformations into Hulk than Bruce Banner did, but when he’s fighting the dictator of Sakaar, his Hulk side literally takes the wheel and takes control of the body, and hulks out.

The Mighty Thor #700Mighty Thor 700

Thor Odinson lost his arm and was deemed unworthy, and Jane Foster took up the hammer Mjolnir and is now the Mighty Thor.

In “The Death of The Mighty Thor Part 1,” Thor Odinson feels lost without the hammer, and lady Thor is battling She-Hulk.

Malekith’s war across the Nine Realms left Volstagg gripping the dead bodies of children, which drove him to pick up the Hammer of the Ultimate Thor and become the War Thor.

Toothgnasher, Thor’s goat, tries to stop the War Thor from raging any further, and is decapitated by Mangog, a being that is the sum of a billion begins slaughtered by Odin.


Compiled by RILEY GOLDEN


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