‘Jumanji’ remake incorporates comedy, action with modern transformation

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” is a hysterical, heart warming, action movie!

This movie was based on the original “Jumanji” made in 1995. It stars Dwayne Johnson as Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Kevin Hart as Moose Finbar, Karen Gillian as Ruby Roundhouse, Nick Jonas as Alex, and Jack Black as Professor Shelly Oberon. This version is much newer, and its setting is transformed more into the current time.

The remake starts off with four high school kids who are extremely different in personalities being drawn to an old video game console.  They all pick their desired characters and begin to pixelate into the video game realm. This differs from the original movie, because it was a board game that was found instead. Also, the original characters were brother and sister, as compared to four random students. These differences really begin to show the time gap between the two films.

As the characters appear into the game realm, they slowly begin to realize they are not in their original bodies. This is hilarious, because the jock is inside a geek, the geek is inside the bodybuilder, the nerdy female is inside the hot, fearless woman, and a girly girl is inside a socially awkward gamer boy. This allows each character to see what it’s like in other people’s shoes.

The group of students slowly begins to adjust to what has happened to them, and they realize the only way out is to win the video game. They begin to freak themselves out because of the idea of how time passes by, and how the days are equivalent to those on Earth.

“How long could we be stuck here?” they thought. Journeying through the jungle is very dangerous and life-threatening events occur. One of the characters loses his life, because he is stomped upon by wild animals.

The characters begin to mourn, but then they realize their friend is falling from the sky and plops onto the ground. He returns with one less tally mark on his wrist from before. This brings viewers to the conclusion that each tally is a life, but what will happen once each tally disappears? If they completely die in the game, will they completely die in the real world as well? That was a question they had to live with in order to complete the game.shareImage

They come across a character in the game named Nigel, who has a repetitive nature and could not answer questions. This helped the students label him as a NPC (non-playing character). Listening to the script from Nigel, they figure out that in order to win, they must discover a legendary gem known as the “Jaguar’s Eye,” and place it back onto the jaguar statue.

On a quest to find the gem, they discover a home in the jungle where another character introduces himself as Alex. Alex helps the characters out by throwing smoke grenades to distract the enemy from the high school students. The characters realize he is a good guy. But when they reveal what year it is to Alex, they discover he has been stuck in the game for more than 20 years. They make a connection that Alex was the young boy who went missing years ago in their hometown, and that no one knew what happened to him.

Alex only had one life left, but he knew exactly how to win the game. He was timid because he failed many times and was afraid of losing his last life. The characters motivated him that he was the missing puzzle piece they needed to win, and insured him that they would help get him out of there.

With the stone rescued from a pit of snakes, they begin the journey to find the statue.  Many risks were taken, and many lives were at stake. Lives were even swapped from one character to another, in order to keep each other alive.

Finally, reaching the statue and miraculously returning the stone, they return to the school in their original form. This adventure taught them many lessons, and now they have a new bond formed among them.

The movie ends with the four friends walking to Alex’s house and seeing him get out of the car with his two children and wife. Alex notices his acquaintances and relieves them with the news that he returned to his year when the game was over. This was a very heart warming ending and a very great movie overall. I rate this movie a 9/10.   

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