Culinary Arts Program receives donation from United Supermarkets

The new Culinary Arts Program at South Plains College recently received a significant donation from United Super Markets.

United Supermarkets donated $750,000 to the newly-founded program.  Not only will this money help finish the college’s new project, but according to Dr. Robin Satterwhite, President of South Plains College, “We’re able to provide scholarships, and those scholarships allow to attract the best and brightest students to our Culinary Arts program.”

United Supermarkets sees an added benefit to helping SPC grow. With the success in their chains of Market Streets stores, the grocery store chain sees the need to have highly trained and properly educated chefs and cooks to helm their kitchens.

According to Natalie Osuna, director of the Culinary Arts Program at SPC, the facility will be state of the art.

“They will have the proper environment to elevate their culinary skills, as well as have a quality education,” added Osuna.

With many Texas high schools forming their own culinary art programs, SPC looks to be a bridge for the students who are looking to work in the food service and hospitably sector.  The college will aim to build upon what the students have learned in high school, while prepping them for the transition to a four-year school university that offer degrees in hospitality and hotel management.

Dr. Satterwhite says that the program looks to “provide an education for a number of students, who will [graduate] to a distinct and growing need in the Lubbock region.”

Dr. Satterwhite said the program is designed to prepare “qualified workers with a strong background in food preparation and food safety, and a variety of other food-industry related skills.”

Robert Taylor, CEO of United Supermarkets, said “that the Culinary Arts facility will go a long way to help you complete [the student’s] mission of education and filling voids in the workplace.”

United Supermarkets is also aware of the importance of the program, according to Taylor.

“The prepared foods sector is growing so fast and it’s created so many voids within our company,” Taylor explained “We’re thrilled to see an education venue that will prepare people to take advantage of that.”

With regard the Lubbock community, Taylor added “We’re thrilled for the people if this area, have a door open to them now. Where they can create a career that will be very benefitable to their family.”

With the program’s inarguable semester just months away, SPC and United are anxiously awaiting the opening of the joint facility and looking to their shared future.

The Culinary Arts Program is now enrolling for the first semester in the Fall of 2018.

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