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‘Roseanne’ reboot sparks excitement,nostalgia among fans

The great American family is back, and they are more dysfunctional than ever. “Roseanne” is an old comedic television series that aired in the late 1980s and ended with its […]

‘Far Cry 5’ exceeds exceptions with compelling visuals, gameplay

Seconds are ticking away. The score is 45 to 40 with just under two minutes remaining in the match.  “Watch out guys! There is a huge gorilla chasing me,” exclaims […]

‘Blockers’ follows comedic quest of parents on prom night

Three parents go to extreme measures to protect their teenage daughters from making a life-changing decision. “Blockers” is a comedy about a group of friends who make a sex pact […]

‘Ready Player One’ deviates from original story

Movies always seem to fall short of the books they are based on, disappointing the book fans. The popular book, “Ready Player One,” by Ernest Cline was recently turned into […]

‘Game Night’ lacks humor, ignores necessary plot elements

‘Game Night’ bores with lackluster plot, humor A night of games, thrill, and bad jokes seems to be the basis for a terrible movie plot and bland characters. “Game Night” […]

Second season of ‘Jessica Jones’ introduces compelling mystery, characters

‘Jessica Jones’ entertains fans with new season New threats, intriguing mystery and answered questions are all things a Marvel fan can expect from the second season of “Jessica Jones.” This […]

‘Black Panther’ surpasses standards for action movies

The Marvel cinematic universe has once again spotlighted an underrated comic book superhero. “Black Panther” is the next film that continues the Marvel universe story arc and introduces new characters […]